Get temporary phone number for SMS

It is very common that, to validate our identity, some websites ask us for our mobile number when registering. And, generally, it is not a good idea to facilitate it, since we will be the object of very aggressive marketing campaigns, and even, almost always, it ends up being sold and circulating freely on the network. That is why we often enter a false mobile number. And there’s nothing wrong with doing it that way, unless the website in question sends us an SMS to validate it and activate the account.

Get temporary phone number for SMS

SMS are a very convenient and simple resource for websites to verify that a person registering is real and, moreover, that they are registering from the country from which they say they are registering. For example, when we want to enter a credit card number in Netflix Turkey (to pay less per month), it will ask us to validate the operation with an SMS that is sent to a mobile number in Turkey.

For all these cases, and for whatever we want, there are several websites that allow us to obtain temporary mobile phone numbers, from any country, totally free in which we can receive any type of SMS. Let’s see the best websites.

Online-SMS, mobile numbers from 108 countries


The first of the websites that we can use to get temporary phone numbers is Online-SMS . On this website we will find mobile numbers from more than 100 countries that we can use, free of charge, to receive any validation SMS. The use of this website is very simple, and basically we have to search for the country whose phone number we want, choose the mobile that we like the most, and that’s it. As we can see, when entering each number we can see the SMS that other users who have also used that number have received.

Access Online-SMS .

MyTempSMS, verification by SMS, mail and more


Another of the services that we can use in a totally pleasant way to receive validation SMS messages is MyTempSMS. This website works in a similar way to the previous one, since it allows us to see at a glance a series of telephone numbers (ordered according to the last ones that have been added) and, by choosing any of them, we can use it to receive any message of validation.

The problem that we can find on this website is that it is somewhat complicated to search for numbers from other countries. On the other hand, it also allows us to create temporary emails , so, using this website, we have a 2 in 1.

Enter MyTempSMS .

Temporary Phone Number, receive any SMS free of charge

Temporary Phone Number

Finally, we are going to talk about another of the most used websites for this purpose: Temporary Phone Number . This page allows us to use any number from any country to receive SMS and verification emails so that we can complete any identity verification process. It has phones from 25 countries, but none of them is Spain, so it only works for us when we need a phone from another country.