What to do if the gestures in the air do not work on a Huawei mobile

There is no doubt that smartphones have advanced to such a point that we find different functionalities that were impossible to imagine, such as being able to control our mobile devices through the gestures that we make with our own hands as it happens. on Huawei phones.

And it is that, who was going to be able to imagine that we would be able to use a mobile phone just by moving our hands. However, like all functionality that we find among mobile tools, they are not free of errors. Luckily, there are different methods that will lead us to find the necessary key to end the problem that is causing this feature not to work on our phone from the Chinese firm.

the gestures in the air do not work on a Huawei mobile

Check the settings

As obvious as it may seem to us, the truth is that, in most cases, we have not realized that the gestures have been deactivated . In addition, this is something that usually happens on different occasions when we have installed an update or because the configuration that we made at the time was not saved.

This is why, before trying different methods and going crazy trying, it will be time to stop moving your hand across the screen from one side to the other to access the options and check if the configuration of this functionality is enabled correctly. To do this, we will remind you where you can find them, and it is that it does not have any kind of mystery:

gestos aire movil huawei

  1. Access your phone settings with EMIU.
  2. Enter the Accessibility functions section.
  3. Click on the Smart Detection option.

Once inside, we must check that the different tools are correctly activated: Scroll in the air, Capture with a fist or Press in the air. If everything is fine, the problem will not be precisely due to having a bad configuration, so we will have to move on to the following solutions.

Possible faults

Huawei’s in-the-air gesture problems tend to occur at different times, so you won’t be the only user eagerly looking for a solution to this bug. Luckily, with a little patience and the different tips, we will find the real culprit behind making us unable to use this functionality of our phone with EMUI.

Software bug

It is likely that our Huawei phone is suffering from problems with gestures in the air due to a failure in the device’s own software. In this case, for example, we will be able to solve earlier than we expected, since we will only need to perform a simple task: update the smartphone of the Chinese firm. To do this, we must follow the following steps:

  1. Settings
  2. System and updates.

There, we will be able to check if we have a new firmware to be able to solve this problem in a matter of seconds.

Actualización Huawei

Watch your hand

Another of the most common errors is that we are not making proper use of this functionality of the mobile phone. Therefore, the first thing we should do is make sure that the hand is approximately 20 to 40 centimeters away. Then, we will have to place our hand in front of the upper part of the touch panel, since that is where the sensor responsible for collecting these movements is located. Therefore, if we are moving our hand in a place that is not recognizable by this component, we will make it not work.

Do you use it well?

It may not be the fault of a bad placement of our hands, but we still do not know how to use it correctly. So, follow these tips to test to see if this was the problem:

  • For the screen to scroll properly, make sure to move your hand up or down slowly, and it will be important not to move your hand too far away from the phone ( 20 to 40 cm away ).
  • Then, we must wait for an icon in the shape of a hand to appear, which will indicate that it has recognized our hand. At that very moment we will have to make the gesture we want, be it a screenshot or scroll through the screen.

Keep in mind that, if it is a different gesture, we will still have to wait again for that same icon to be displayed that tells us that it has managed to identify the hand.

Guilt of the protector

Nor do we have to put ourselves in the worst, because without going any further, the mobile screen protector can be the cause of the errors in the gestures in EMUI . Just by removing it and cleaning the screen we can see first-hand how it works correctly again. In order to continue protecting the screen and at the same time using gestures, we recommend trying an alternative thinner protector, since it hinders the ToF 3D sensor too much, which is responsible for recognizing these movements in the air that we make. In addition, to improve the result and its operation we will have to keep this component clean.

How to fix it

In case our Huawei mobile does not continue to allow us to make gestures in the air in any way after trying the previous methods and tips, it is not yet time to give up. We will have two more possibilities with which, probably, to recover these movements on our phone with EMUI .

Manos con Huawei P40

Restart the mobile

As we have seen in many examples, the truth is that the simple act of turning the terminal off and on can be the key to solving all our problems. Well, when restarting the Huawei device, we will make each and every one of the processes reset from scratch, so we would end the alleged processing that has been ‘frozen’ which prevents us from using movements in the air. If after restarting the phone it still does not work, you will have to go to the next solution.

Restore it

It must be taken into account that this operation will erase the data on our device, both our accounts and application data, system settings or internal storage files, the contents of the security chip and system data. Therefore, first of all, it is best to make a backup copy of the terminal before leaving it at its factory settings. After making a backup, we will have to follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings> System and updates.
  2. Tap Reset> Reset phone> Reset.
  3. Enter your PIN or password and then accept to begin resetting the smartphone .