GeForce Now: What it is, and the Gaming Experience

It has cost, but finally GeForce Now comes out of the beta and is now available to everyone. After two years of development and testing, Nvidia’s solution to take videogames to any user via streaming is official. And the best thing is that you will have two plans: one free and one payment that will include support for Ray Tracing .

GeForce Now, what it is and what it offers

GeForce Now app

Currently, if we talk about streaming game services, it is possible that most think directly of Google Stadia . The company has been able to give it a lot of visibility and it might seem that they are the first when it really isn’t.

GeForce Now from Nvidia has been developing for years and users who were able to access the beta or through the Nvidia Shield already know well what this proposal offers. But, if that is not the case, this is what you will find if you decide to install and try GeForce Now.

GeForce Now is a video game service via streaming . On your PC or Mac, television with Nvidia Shield or Android mobile devices, the only thing you will have to install is the application to access a wide range of games. Around 300 have Nvidia, plus another 1,000 available on other platforms such as Steam, Epic Game Store, UPlay or

None of the games on these platforms will have to be installed on your device, everything will run on Nvidia servers. And the only detail is that games on platforms other than Nvidia will have a single installation per session. That is, the game is installed on the server every time you want to play and is removed when the game is closed. Of course, progress is not eliminated, so you will not have to start from scratch every time.

GeForce Now Version final

This, as you can imagine, opens a multitude of possibilities since just having a good internet connection is more than enough to be able to enjoy titles that you could not otherwise. Or yes, but it would require investment in a PC Gaming. Regarding prices, there are two plans.

  • The free plan allows you to play during maximum sessions of 1 hour. Time for the casual player is more than good.
  • The Founders plan costs 5.49 euros per month and will give priority access, without limit of hours of play per session and RTX support (Ray Tracing) in compatible games.

If you are not to play a lot the free plan is more than enough, if on the contrary yes and you want to do it wherever you go the Founders plan is a great option. In addition, they give you 90 days of free trial.

This is the GeForce Now experience

Video games via streaming? Yes, current technology has already proven to be more than enough to offer this gaming option. Still, it is important that you consider some considerations before launching into the pool.

The operation of GeForce Now is good, it has always been every time I have used the service. In both Nvidia Shield devices and in the beta for computer, the quality of the games in image and response issues has been good.

GeForce Now offers video quality at 1080p and 60 fps . For some accustomed to playing on their PC Gaming at 2K or 4K resolutions it may seem insufficient, but most get what they enjoy playing at home.

What is important is the internet connection. With fiber connections more widespread than ever, bandwidth is not a problem. Where there can be differences is in the subject of the pin or low latency. Here, when the experience is better, the gaming experience will be better, because the actions we take on our command will arrive before the Nvidia server and will return the image with the order executed.

If you compare in detail what it is like to play by running the game locally with respect to this Nvidia solution, you will notice differences. They will be minimal and for well trained eyes, but they will be there. Despite this, the options offered are so wide and give so much play when you continue to enjoy your favorite titles, when you travel or are away from home, that it is only worth it.

So, if you like video games, you have titles already purchased on platforms like Steam or any of the others that it supports, or if on the contrary you are a casual player who wants to have a good time without investing in a top PC, GeForce Now is A great leisure option.