Gaming Performance with an Intel Iris Plus 655 iGPU

The Intel Iris Plus 655 is the graphics built into many 8th Gen Intel processors for laptops, and is in fact the one used by many laptops that do not have dedicated graphics. So we raise the question, is this iGPU enough to play with? Let’s put it to the test.

Many laptops released between 2018 and 2019 have an Intel Iris Plus 655 iGPU (Core i7-8569U, Core i7-8559U, Core i5-8279U, Core i5-8269U, Core i5-8259U and Core i3-8109U ), in addition to many Intel NUC models. It is clear that they are not designed for gaming, but that does not mean that, like everyone, from time to time we want to play a game, so let’s see what performance this integrated Intel graphics can provide us.

Intel Iris Plus 655 iGPU

Intel Iris Plus 655 Specifications

Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655
Base frequency300 MHz
Maximum dynamic frequency1.2 GHz
Maximum video memory32 GB
Possible video outputseDP / DP / HDMI / DVI
4K compatibilityYes, at 60 Hz
Maximum resolution4096×2304 @ 60Hz (for HDMI, @ 30Hz).
DirectX compatibility12
OpenGL support4.5
Intel Quick Sync VideoYes
Intel InTru 3DYes
Intel Clear Video HDYes
Maximum number of monitors supported3
Device id0x3EA5

By specifications, this is, without a doubt, a graphics that is not designed to play, and despite the fact that it supports 4K resolution at most, we cannot expect to be able to play at 1080p and 60 FPS, not even with graphics at a minimum. All this, of course, looking at the specifications on paper.

However, there are possibilities of being able to use it to play some simple games at 1080p even if we don’t reach 60 FPS and, in fact, if we lower the resolution to 720p, there will still be more games that will be “playable”. It is not that a 720p gaming experience with graphics at a minimum is going to be satisfactory precisely, but at least we can play.

Gaming performance

To perform the performance test we have used an Intel NUC NUC8i7BEH mini PC, equipped with an Intel Core i7-8559U processor (which is the second best of those that incorporate this integrated graphics) accompanied by 16 GB of DDR4 RAM at 2400 MHz in SO-DIMM format and a 512 GB Crucial MX500 SATA3 SSD.

This has been the result, in all cases at a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels :

Rendimiento Intel Iris Plus 655 en juegos

As you can see, these 720p games are perfectly playable , although we already tell you that for example GTA V at 720p and with everything at a minimum has nothing to do with playing it at 1080p on a PC gaming in conditions, because despite From what the FPS figure says, the feeling playing is that it is slowed down all the time.

In games like CS: GO, where this graph shows a fairly decent performance at 720p, we have also tested to raise the resolution to 1080p with everything to a minimum and it is also playable, since it gives us an average FPS in this case of 42 FPS, although again it is not optimal and less for the type of game it is.

Is this iGPU enough to play?

Definitely not, at least if you want to have a decent gaming experience. If what you want is to kill time and you don’t care about the graphics, you can try games at 720p and it will give you to get out of trouble, but certainly not to enjoy the games.

This integrated graphics can be enough for browser games, or even some light games at 720p, but certainly not to play at 1080p and even less at 60 FPS.