Games similar to Pinturillo for mobile

Your mobile phone is a source of fun and entertainment due to the huge number of multiplayer games to enjoy with your friends, but one of the most popular among the user community is Pinturillo. However, the mobile app does not work as efficiently as the web platform, so we are going to offer you several alternatives so that you do not run out of the opportunity to draw.

Pinturillo’s objective is quite simple, because you only have to paint the word indicated by the application and the rest of the players must guess what it is. Of course, the one who manages to get it right first will get more points and so on until in the end only one is the winner.

Games similar to Pinturillo for mobile

Alternatives to Pinturillo

As you can see, the game mechanics don’t hide much complication and in the virtual store of your smartphone you can find all kinds of similar options. Below we have compiled some of the best that you have at your fingertips, although we anticipate that the variations between them playably are practically scarce.

Draw something

This mobile game is the most complete option if you want to play a work similar to Pinturillo. Obviously the gameplay hasn’t changed, but there are certain elements of Draw Something that are worth noting.

Draw something Pinturillo

One of them has to do with the huge palette of colors you have to paint. So you can take your time to make a drawing in perfect condition. In addition, it has daily challenges and a large number of categories.

This title is the one that most closely resembles Pinturillo, although its interface and design is much more advanced. The peculiarity of is that there is the possibility of creating rooms with a maximum of 50 players , so you will not have problems if you are a considerable group of friends.

Gartic io

It hides many different themes inside to enjoy variety when painting. An interesting proposal for the most classic who do not want to stray too far from what the original work offers.


If by any chance one of your friends doesn’t have enough mobile data to play, Scribblery is a great opportunity, since you don’t need an Internet connection to do so. Not to mention that it integrates voice chat in the games and this means that you do not need to go to programs like Discord to be in contact.


The only drawback is that the groups are somewhat limited and it is possible that if you are several users you will not be able to play together. On the other hand, in the event that you meet the conditions, you will be interested to know that there are many themes available.


This video game is quite peculiar, since it is a 3 in 1 game that not only includes a game mode similar to Pinturillo, but you also have options to try to be the best of your friends by drawing an object in question or to copy an image and let the other players rate it.


The best thing is that there are rooms depending on the theme , be it sports, animals, video games, food and a long etcetera. A commitment to the variety of content that you will surely enjoy with friends.