Games similar to Geometry Dash that will challenge your wits

Games similar to Geometry Dash that will challenge your wits

Geometry Dash is a platform video game created several years ago for mobile devices, although it later came to Steam and web pages. You will also find several spin off versions to increase the possibilities of the game on mobile. The goal of the game is to get the best possible score. How? Jumping and flying while overcoming the adversities that are presented to you along the way, with a lot of rhythm and a lot of emotion.

It is one of the most sought after games by users and one that many people love. However, if you are looking for a free alternative or want to vary the dynamics a bit in a type of game that you love, we are going to mention some games that are similar to it and with which you can have a great time.

Geometry Dash World

geometry dash world

One of the advantages of this game with respect to the best known is that, while staying true to its spirit, it is free and has new levels that you must overcome . That is why one of its main attractions, in addition to having many new things.

You will have to jump, fly and fight your way through dark caves and spiky obstacles . You will have to look for the hidden secrets, overcome its 10 unique levels, daily missions and much more.

Block Dash: Geometry Jump

block dash juego

This is a platform game with a very similar concept to the previous one, in which you have to overcome the most challenging obstacles in a world that has been created specifically for the occasion.

There are various levels more complicated than others with rhythm based action platforming. You will come across various modes and challenges with almost impossible geometric jumping obstacles. You will have a great time for hours living new adventures in which you are the protagonist.

Dash till Puff 2

dash till puff juego

This is another game in which you will have to dodge random obstacles to the rhythm of the music and reaching modes that only the best can reach and overcome. You will have to jump, fly and bounce through geometric worlds with a lot of rhythm. The dynamic surely sounds familiar to you. As you will come across other graphics and possibilities, you will love this game as an alternative to the previous one.

You have 8 infinite unique worlds and you will have hidden secrets and avatars with special powers. Control everything with one finger and unlock new items to customize your character. You have 3 game modes depending on the difficulty. You will not get bored at any time because it has ample possibilities.

Tomb of the Mask

tomb of the mask juego

This is a game in which you will find yourself in an infinite vertical maze where you will find new adventures and you will get a strange mask. Once you have it, you can easily climb walls and that’s when the fun begins.

You will have to overcome enemies, traps and much more. What about boosters? It is a very entertaining game in which you can put yourself to the test and see how far you are capable of reaching.

Super Mario run

super Mario run

It may not be the most similar, but it is a game in which Mario advances without stopping in each level. You will have to jump, collect coins and reach the goal in this exciting platform game. It is a free game with 6 worlds and 24 levels that will allow you to reach Bowser’s castle where you can rescue Princess Peach.

When you do, you will go to Star World, a special world with 9 levels. There are also races, remix 10 and more possibilities for you to have a great time with Mario. A great alternative to consider as well for those who love Mario and are looking for something beyond Mario Kart Tour.

The Impossible Game 2

the imposible game 2

This is a very entertaining and free game in which you can test your skills with new levels. You will have to jump, fly and shoot your way through four worlds, each with a unique theme and great battle. You can beat up to 60 players at a time , as well as create your own levels and much more. It differs from the previous one in that it is a Battle Royale type.

It has a large number of possibilities that will not resist you. The game is much more exciting when you start to get the hang of it.