Game Boy Classic, what is Nintendo waiting for to launch it?

In the fashion of commemorative consoles for retro systems, we miss the portable ones, especially the one that was the most popular of all at the time. Why hasn’t Nintendo released a Game Boy Classic yet? Is it unfeasible or is it because they have lost interest in doing it to deliver their classic games on their hybrid console?

Today the Game Boy is seen as an antediluvian device, however, in its day it was a revolution that was in the pockets of an entire generation that spent hours playing on its simple monochrome screen without backlighting. In terms of hardware, there were better machines, but its simplicity, Nintendo’s good work with its games, and its battery life made it extremely popular. That is why we have always been surprised that Nintendo, after the launch and success of the Classic Mini versions of the NES and SNES, its 8 and 16-bit consoles, did not do the same with its laptop.

Game Boy Classic

Why should Nintendo release a Game Boy Classic?

The announcement by the Kyoto company to launch the games of its first laptop, as well as its version with a color screen, as part of the subscription to play online on its console, have made us wonder how Nintendo is not has released a Game Boy Classic to commemorate its first handheld. After all, the technology to do it exists, as we saw in the Game & Watch of Super Mario first and Zelda later.

Actually, one of the motivations for getting this non-existent console is not reduced to simple nostalgia. But also due to the fact that the Game Boy with the modified backlit screen are highly sought after among the community of retro fans. What’s more, if the impact of the 8 and 16-bit versions was what it was, we don’t even want to imagine that of a Game Boy Classic, since the original was a cultural icon and sold much more.

Of course, the fact of depending on an LCD screen, as well as a battery, would supposedly raise the price a lot, however, it has already been demonstrated, with the inclusion of the Game Boy Link`s Awakening in the Game and Watch from Zelda that little to no power would be needed to create a commemorative console. Maybe we shouldn’t lose hope and wait for it for 2024, and therefore for the 35th anniversary of the console, or forget about it altogether?

Consolas Game Boy Portátiles handheld de bolsillo

Based on the standard model or the Advance

One possibility would be that Nintendo will launch a Game Boy Classic that not only includes Game Boy games, but also Game Advance, which was the second technological generation of Nintendo’s first handheld and, therefore, much more advanced, but with capabilities not much taller than the Super NES. Getting to do so would cost Nintendo nothing and the technology would not be an extra cost over creating a model based on the classic console.

The only problem we see is that it wouldn’t have the classic design, although honestly, from whoever writes this, the best model was the last of all, the Game Boy Micro.