The Galaxy S20 Ultra Aamera Could have 100x Digital Zoom

In the coming weeks to come we have no choice but to be aware of possible rumors and leaks around Samsung’s next flagship terminal . We are obviously talking about the Galaxy S20 , a device that seems to gather many peculiarities, but that in the photographic plane will stand out for nothing more and nothing less than to include 100x digital zoom .

The Galaxy S20 with 100 increases

How did we get to a mobile phone with camera 100x? This is what we would like to know, however, we will have to keep waiting for Samsung’s official presentation to get out of doubt. The secret seems to be in the use of a 10x periscopic zoom, a spectacular figure that will be multiplied by 10 when we use the digital zoom.

To give you an idea of what we can see (or reach to see) with a 100x zoom, we leave you with a demonstration video made with a Sony HX400V, which has a 50x optical zoom (100x digital) .

As you can imagine, going from 10 increases to 100 will require some magic with software, so you will have to see how far the image is affected in terms of definition and detail. In addition, the filtration comes accompanied by a rendered image of how the distribution of the cameras will be in the new terminal, an image in which we can see three cameras and a flash within a square distribution (similar to the iPhone 11 Pro) and a fourth Square-looking camera that will correspond to the periscopic set that will offer the 10 optical magnifications.

It is worth mentioning that this 10x optical zoom seems to only be available on the so-called Galaxy S20 Ultra, leaving the Galaxy S20 Plus with a 5x and 3x objective in the case of the Galaxy S20. This would be the list of specifications of each of the models according to a table filtered by Ishan Agarwal on Twitter.

Galaxy S20 caracteristicas

It is interesting to see how this filter ensures that the three models of the Galaxy S20 will have a 120 Hz screen , a feature that lately seemed to have lost strength in favor of the most powerful models. Again, we will have to wait for official confirmation to be able to celebrate the arrival of a screen as interesting as this 120 Hz panel. The question is, how will the battery be affected?