Fuji X-S10, New APS-C Camera: Features, Price and Design

At a time when smartphone cameras are more complete and offer higher quality, traditional camera manufacturers have stepped up to show that they still have a lot to offer. One of the latest examples, the Fuji X-S10, a proposal that targets the vlogger sector.

This is the Fuji X-S10

Fuji X-S10

Despite not having as much impact as other brands such as Canon, Sony, Nikon and even Panasonic, the truth is that Fuji has been doing very well for a few years now thanks to proposals such as the Fuji X-T3 or the more recent Fuji X-T4 . Two very reliable models, especially the last one if you are also looking for a camera with high quality when recording video.

Well, this new Fuji X-S10 is a new model that is like a mix between the X-T3 and X-T4, it is not so “advanced” in terms of the maximum quality it can offer, but it is still the the beginning of a new family that could give a lot to talk about in the coming months and years.

To begin with, the focus of the Fuji X-S10 is made thinking of reducing elements that can complicate its use by less advanced users and offering an attractive camera to vloggers. So, knowing this, both the design and the features it offers are better understood.

Nueva Fuji X-S10 APS-C compacta

As you can see, the camera has that attractive design point of the brand, with a retro touch that combines very well with a digital camera. In addition, despite having reduced the control dials, the truth is that it still has just enough and necessary for certain basic actions to be quick to perform.

Physically I think that it does not need to say much more, so let’s go with its main technical characteristics and the reasons why it can be a great option for vloggers and other less demanding content creators or with very clear needs such as lightness and easy transport in the day to day. Although do not be fooled regarding its real possibilities .

At the sensor level we have a CMOS X-Trans IV captor with a resolution of 26.1 MP and of the APS-C type. Then, the X-Processor 4 image processor, which is the same as the one used in the X-T4, because really this camera could be said to be a “reduced” version of it.

With these initial data, in addition to a fairly high image quality, we also have the possibility of recording video at a maximum resolution of 4K at 30fps in 4: 2: 2 at 10 bits for a maximum of 30 minutes if we have an external recorder. If not, on SD cards it would record in 4: 2: 0 at 8 bits. That is, less information on color issues, but as a result you would have a file that is easier to work with.

Nueva Fuji X-S10, hermana pequeña X-T4

Logically, in terms of video recording, it also has the option to capture at Full HD resolution and bring the rate of photographers per second up to 240fps to achieve slow cameras . And yes, all this with the option to record in logarithmic format (F-Log), something already essential and demanded by many users to squeeze and increase the dynamic range capabilities of the sensor.

If we add to this an articulated screen with which you can see yourself while recording, microphone input and headphone output for monitoring, the possibility of customizing its buttons in terms of functions, 5-axis image stabilizer , Fuji color profiles and that somewhat more compact body results in a really attractive camera for both photographers and videographers.

Fuji X-S10 the great camera of 1,000 euros

What about the price? Lately we have seen a considerable increase – and justified in most cases – in the cost in most cameras that are worth it for their benefits, making figures such as 2,000 euros normal if you are looking for a good level proposal.

Well, here Fuji has played his cards very well and the Fuji X-S10 only costs 1,000 euros . It is true that it is still a significant number for many, but it is not the 1,800 of the X-T4 or the more than 2,000 of other recent proposals such as the Sony a7C or the Lumix S5.

And although the difference with respect to models designed for vlogging issues such as the Sony ZV-1 or the Lumix G-100 may be around 200 or 300 euros, it would be necessary to think about it because it can give certain advantages if you dedicate yourself to creating content on the video and looking for something comfortable to wear and carry.

In summary, as we have said on occasion or other, 2020 will be bringing many bad things, but also good things and one of them is seeing how the photography sector gets more interesting with each new launch that traditional brands make.