From this date, the heat will be dangerous on Earth

Although every year we always say the same phrase “it is hotter now”, and we think that it is because we had already forgotten about the high temperatures, the truth is that it is not like that. The real reality is that it gets hotter as time goes on . And it is not something that we have invented, but even scientists have set a date for the year in which the heat will be unbearable. Reaching such an extreme that certain points on the planet will be dangerous for us.

The world is warming up in such a way that, at some point, it will be difficult to live in different parts of the globe. More than anything, due to the high temperatures that can be reached, it threatens habitability in many regions around the equator. And not only this, but heat waves will also become more frequent over the years.

From this date, the heat will be dangerous on Earth

The heat will be unbearable in 2100

After long investigations and, above all, after seeing how temperatures have varied over the years, scientists are clear about the year in which the planet’s heat will be unbearable for a large part of the planet. Specifically, it will be from 2100 when dangerously high temperatures will be experienced on most days.

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In addition, you already know which regions will be most affected by this change. They have figured out that even if we can limit global warming to 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels in these years, they suggest that the tropics and subtropics, including India, the Arabian Peninsula and sub-Saharan Africa , will have elevated temperatures for most of the year by 2100.

Nor will other parts of the world be spared, as they will also experience a greater number of high-temperature heat waves by the end of the century. All this information has been given in the study recently published in Communications earth & environment . And, at all times, they make it clear that we will experience such extreme heat that we could never have imagined before.

Is there a possibility to avoid it?

The truth is that the data collected and, according to the recently published study, the future does not hold anything good. In this investigation they leave unfavorable predictions. And it is that they already warn us that, even if the world manages to meet the different objectives to reduce emissions, the temperature will continue to rise.

Moreover, they give a specific fact: the heat could become three to ten times more common in 2100 than it is today in Western Europe, China, Japan and the United States. No matter how much effort is made to keep global warming below 2 degrees. And it is that they also set a date to overcome those degrees, specifically they set the year 2050.

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In addition, projections for the future ‘heat index’, a known metric by which current estimates are made, were evaluated in this study. Today, from this heat index, temperatures are determined to be dangerous above 40°C and extremely dangerous above 51°C.

Well, according to their data, in tropical regions the dangerous index will be exceeded by 2050 in 50% percent of the days of each year, and by 2100, it will occur on most days. The study even establishes that, around 25% of the days by 2100, the threshold of extremely dangerous will be exceeded.