Free Programs to See Dead Pixels on a Monitor

One of the most common problems that we can find on our monitor is that a small black spot appears. At first it may seem like a dirt stain, but what can really happen is that it has what is called a “dead pixel”. It is something tremendously annoying, and that automatically centers the vision of our eye, especially with content that is very colorful that makes us outline the area where the problem is. To discover if our monitor contains dead pixels, there are some free websites and applications that will help us analyze it and even try to recover them.

We are talking about dead pixels , when it is a pixel that remains on at all times within the LCD screen, thereby causing a defect in the resulting image. We must also know that there are two types of dead pixels and that they differ from each other, depending on the type of color that corresponds. In this way we can talk between the Hot Pixel and the Stuck Pixel.

Free Programs to See Dead Pixels on a Monitor

It is known as Hot Pixel to that unit that has been turned on in white permanently. In case it has been lit by a more solid color, such as blue or red, we speak of the pixel being stuck, which is known by the name of Stuck Pixel . Despite this difference, both dead pixels can be seen with the naked eye on our monitor.

Dead pixels are represented as a black point , and in case it is defective from the factory we will not be able to do anything. On the contrary, if the pixel has remained blank or in a fixed color, it is sometimes possible to repair it by forcing to load sequences of colors that manage to reactivate them.

That is why today we are going to know some web pages and applications that, for free, will allow us and identify if our monitor has dead pixels, and in case they can be saved, they will try to recover it .

Web pages to find dead pixels

Bad Pixel test, perform tests and check the status of your monitor

It is a website where we can check the status of the pixels of any LCD screen or monitor. It allows us to check, by carrying out some tests, what is the response that all the pixels on our monitor have to white, black and other bright colors such as red, blue or green. In case our monitor has a sleeping pixel, it is likely that we can solve it by performing the test several times, although it is not a 100% safe solution. If the test results show that we have a dead pixel it will be due to a manufacturing fault, so there is little we can do other than try to get the warranty.

If you want to check if you have a dead pixel on your monitor with the Bad Pixel test, all you have to do is access their website .

Bad Pixel Test

Dead Pixel Buddy, perform different tests to locate dead pixels

Another page that we can go to to try to know if our monitor has a dead pixel. We recommend that before starting, you gently clean the screen with a cloth, in order to prevent dirt from interfering with the test. To begin, click on “Start Test” and the browser will automatically go to full screen. If this does not happen, just press F11. Once the test has begun, we can move through all its colors with just a simple click. It also has tools to analyze the monitor such as a dynamic range test or a “Color-Shift” test and check the precision with which our monitor displays colors . If we want to exit the full screen mode we will press Esc and thus stop the test.

Start using Dead Pixel Buddy and put your monitor to the test by entering its official website .

Dead Pixel Check

Dead Pixel Check, simple but effective page

In order to check if our monitor has a dead pixel we can use this web page. Its operation is very simple because it will take care of putting the entire screen in a certain solid color (red, yellow, blue …) so that if any pixel malfunctions it will be easy to detect it. It will only be necessary to choose one of the colors of the mosaic and press F11 to go to the full screen. We will use the left and right arrows to perform a test cycle , as well as the browser’s back button to return to the home screen.

Using Dead Pixel Check is completely free and all you have to do is click on this link .

Dead Pixel Check

JScreenFix, specialist in reviving pixels

We are facing a website that will help us to repair the possible dead pixels that are on our computer screen. Just press the blue “Launch JScreenFix” button to start. Next, we will see a black square that includes smaller squares the size of a pixel inside. When executing it, it will change color constantly, so we must move it around the screen where there are dead pixels, to force them to change color and thus recover functionality. Of course, we must be clear in any case that this page will help us to repair the pixel, but it will not help us to find it.

You can try JScreenFix for free by accessing its website .


Apps to find and dead pixels

UndeadPixel, light to basic for locating dead pixels

We are facing a very light application that weighs less than 70 kbs and does not require any type of configuration to work. Through its interface, we will be able to adjust the location of the work box that will make the pixels blink, as well as its size, the colors that it must present and the duration of the session. Depending on whether the pixel is salvageable or not, the session can last a few minutes or even hours.

If you want to use UndeadPixel to try to repair any dead pixels on your monitor, you can download it for free from its website.


Pixel Doctor, fix stuck monitor pixels

It is a free software developed for Windows that will help us correct dead or stuck pixels on our monitor. Its configuration is simple, although it allows us to choose between two types of test, simple or cyclical. We can choose the color with which we want to carry out the test, something important in case we have to deal with an attacked pixel. In addition, it has a test called “Therapies”, which will be responsible for making rapid color changes , which can help eliminate stuck pixels. In spite of everything, it is a fairly basic and old application, which is worth trying, although we cannot expect it to do wonders.

If you want to try to recover any dead pixels from your monitor, you can try Pixel Doctor for free by downloading it from the developer’s website.

Pixel Doctor

Rizonesoft Pixel Repair, useful and very complete

This little tool can also help us correct pixels on our monitor that are turned off or in a particular color. It has a dead pixel locator , to detect those dead or stuck pixels. It also has the possibility of finding dirt or dust spots. Once the stuck pixels are located, we can proceed to try to solve the problem. For this we must set the color mode and place the pixel window off to try to revive it.

If you want to try Rizonesoft Pixel Repair, you can download it for free from its official website .


PixelHealer, check and fix dead pixels

With this tool we can try to verify and fix the dead, stuck or hot pixels on our monitor. This handy application uses the concept that flashing RGB colors on a dead or stuck pixel can bring them back to life. It has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. It has a configuration window to change the flashing colors, the time interval that the flashes last or automatically close the application after a long period of time. Both an installation version and a portable version are available.

To start using PixelHealer to repair the pixels on your monitor screen, download it for free from its official website.