Free antivirus for Android that do work

Free antivirus for Android that do work

To have your mobile always protected, we recommend having a good antivirus on your mobile. However, most of them are worthless, they don’t work very well or, in the worst case, they could be some app with malware trying to trick you. For this reason, it is important to find an Android security tool that really protects your mobile and provides you with the maximum guarantees.

Many times we are not aware of the risks we run when we use our mobile, especially when we browse the Internet or download something, so it is worth having a good antivirus system that does the work for you. Of course, in any case, take extreme precautions because nothing is totally effective, and do not forget to update it frequently.

Malwarebytes Mobile Security detects everything

malwarebytes app

This is an application with which you can protect your mobile and block scams by scanning for viruses and malware , as well as ransomware, unwanted programs, hacks, phishing and much more thanks to its technology that goes beyond that of other antivirus services.

It is very easy to use and provides you with great results like malware removal, quick and deep scan, security audit and privacy check. Of course, if you want certain premium and real-time protections, you will have to opt for the Premium version, of which you have 30 days free to try.

Kaspersky Antivirus & VPN, free complete cleaning

antivirus kaspersky

It is an interesting free security solution for Android phones and tablets that protects you from the dangers of the Internet. It has a virus cleaning and malware blocking tool, performs on-demand and real-time scans for spyware, Trojans, and ransomware, locates your mobile, blocks applications, has an anti-phishing system, blocks apps, and more.

Some functions are available in the premium version, but with the free one you will have more than enough for the daily protection of your mobile if you make reasonable use of it.

Bitdefender Antivirus, easy and without advertising

bitdefender app

It is a free app for Android that stands out for its features and level of security, without being filled with advertising like other options. It is not intrusive or consumes many resources while protecting your mobile. It is easy to use without you having to configure anything , just install it and go. It has a virus scanner that checks for new apps as they are downloaded and uses cloud services to protect you with lightning-fast scans.

Although there is a premium version with more options such as locating your mobile or erasing it in case of loss or theft, fraud warnings and more, its free features will be enough for you.

Avast, many security features

Avast app

It is a complete security-level application with a large number of protections, although with too many ads, something that is justified by being a free app. It has been recently updated to improve features such as online privacy, lock apps and personal photos, locate your phone and much more.

Protect your mobile from viruses and external threats completely free of charge and is one of the best-known tools for this purpose, with good performance also in its computer version.

ESET Mobile Security, with real-time scanning

eset app antivirus

This is a free app with which you can have maximum security on your mobile, protecting you from viruses, malware, adware, phishing and more, with the possibility of buying the premium version or trying it for free for 30 days if you want to access more functions.

It offers you free antivirus, real-time scan, activity log, security report and continuous USB scan.

TAPI Security Labs, antivirus and junk cleaner

tapi antivirus app android

This is an antivirus application that offers you real-time protection , junk cleaner, to speed up your mobile and much more. Everything so that you have your mobile well protected and at maximum performance at all times. You can lock apps and it has many features.

It is a free antivirus in Spanish that has good reviews in the app store and seems to work well, in fact, it successfully passed some test to see if it was a fraudulent antivirus, it is a reliable product.