Four consoles to buy with the money of the Razer Edge

The video game industry is aware of the evolution of cloud gaming and there are already two hardware companies that have wanted to get ahead of the others by putting consoles in stores that are only used for streaming (and a few other things), such as the Logitech G Cloud and Razer Edge. If you are one of those who are not sure that this is going to be the way to go, at least in the near future, we are going to give you some recommendations to better invest your money.

How much does a Razer Edge cost?

Four consoles to buy with the money of the Razer Edge

It was on October 17 when Razer made public its commitment to cloud gaming with a portable console that is basically an Android mobile. It will come to the market with two models, a single Wi-Fi one that is just the Edge, and another with 5G that has no launch date or price. Of course, the first of all these versions intends to reach stores with a recommended cost of 399 euros… really ?

It is clear that if that is the price range in which they are going to move, they will have a very difficult time becoming a mainstream product and, therefore, helping the apostles of cloud gaming get away with it. But we understand that at Razer there will be very competent people and they will have analyzed in detail the possibilities they have to succeed with a price like this.

We, just in case, are going to offer you four alternatives that will cost you less and will provide you with more entertainment without having to depend on the quality of the connection to play something. These are:

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition

We already know that Sony‘s stock of next-gen consoles is very small and that the few units that do arrive sell out quickly. Even so, it pays you more to sign up for a waiting list in a store like GAME, wait and spend those same 399 euros of the Razer Edge on one of these PS5 Digital Editions that do not have a Blu-ray player but that is fully functional and It maintains all the processing power of the most expensive model that reaches 499 euros in price.


Without a doubt, the most successful laptop in the world and at a price that will allow you to save a bit compared to the cost of the Razer Edge. You can find it starting at a price of around 349 euros, so with 50 (or more) remaining, you can buy a Metroid Dread or a Luigi’s Mansion 3 and have a great time.

Xbox Series S

The little one in the Xbox Series family has become a great alternative for those who want to make the leap to the next-gen without having to spend too much. It doesn’t have a disc reader but you won’t miss it if you subscribe to Game Pass (the same one you need for the Razer Edge). Only here you will pay for a year with what is left over from the price.

Steam Deck

Finally , we leave you with the Steam Deck alternative, which is a PC in portable format with all of the law, it lets you run current games ( Elden Ring , Red Dead Redemption , Assassin’s Creed Valhalla ), the possibility of adding Game Pass to enjoy in the cloud and it will cost you 20 euros more. The most basic model of 64GB, expandable via microSD with up to 2TB, will cost you 419 euros and in terms of performance it has no point of comparison with the Razer Edge.