Fotografix Review: View and Edit All Kinds of Images

If we like photography and we are one of those who like to photograph any moment with our mobile camera or compact camera, surely we want to make the most of our photographs that we can edit and retouch at any time. To do this, today we are going to talk about a free and lightweight program that has nothing to envy other paid or heavier programs, this is Fotografix .

To improve the quality and retouch our photos looking for a better result we can use photo editing programs, Photoshop being possibly the best known. But unless we need some of its more advanced options, it is likely that many of its many options will go unnoticed. However, it is a heavy program that consumes many resources of our computer.


For when we only need to edit an image at a non-professional level, and perform tasks such as changing the size of the brightness or trimming an image, we can use a program like Fotografix, which in addition to being completely free, will allow us to modify an image at a high level.

Everything you need to edit images in less than 1 MB

As we have commented, if there is something in which Fotografix stands out, it is that it is a very light program, since it weighs less than 1 MB , so we can use it on practically any computer. It is compatible with most used extensions such as FGS, PSD, JPG, PNG, RAW, GIF, BMP, TIF, XCF, TGA, VDA, ICB, VST and PIX, so we should have no problem editing our images whatever their Format.

Fotografix main menu

The main features of Fotografix are:

  • Photo editing : crop and rotate your photos; adjust exposure and color; apply artistic filters
  • Drawing tools : we can draw, erase and clone with a variety of brushes.
  • Selection tools : it is possible to selectively apply edits from an image.
  • Layers : support for multiple layers, including non-destructive adjustment layers, skins and editable text layers.
  • ormatos Photo : ability to work with images in the formats most popular file, including Photoshop and GIMP

As we can see, this application incorporates a feature that will surely surprise us given its size, such as the possibility of working with layers, similar to what we can find in programs like Photoshop, although, logically somewhat more limited and with some restrictions and that we can find inside the Layer menu .

Editing photo with Fotografix

We will have various effects that we can find within the Filter menu , such as blur, solarizations, color inversion and filters, and we can even add noise to the image.

In the Adjust menu we will find functions to modify the contrast, color or brightness. There will be no lack of functions such as the magic wand, degrade, brush, paint pot, among others.

This image editor also has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, so it will be of great help to us to carry out our retouching work, since it has a great similarity to Photoshop, so that it is even easier to use.

Download Fotografix

Fotografix is ​​a completely free program compatible with the Windows operating system, which we can download from its website, along with a language pack, and a help file.

We also have access to the preliminary version of Fotografix 2, which is currently in development, but which we can test first hand.

Alternatives to Fotografix

Fotografix is ​​a useful, lightweight tool that can be of great help to us in non-professional retouching of our photographs. In the event that it does not convince you, you can choose some of these alternatives.

Photofiltre : it is a complete application with which we can edit and retouch our photographs. It has many utilities and filters for this, being able to eliminate colors or lighting, as well as adding filters, frames or text. It is free and we can download it from this link .

Krita : is a free, open source, multiplatform, professional digital painting program . It includes support for a wide variety of images, as well as a wide selection of palettes, touch-ups, cutouts of all kinds. We can download it from the developer’s page .

Pixlr : is a tool that offers a wide catalog of options for retouching images. It is aimed at all types of users, especially those with little knowledge in the field. It is a completely free application that we can download from its website.

Paint.NET : it is a very fast image retouching application that includes the main options for photo editing, with a simple and intuitive user interface. You can download it for free from its website .

GimPhoto : is a powerful, complete editor for Windows that consumes very little resources from our computer. It has support for most formats, layer compatibility and the ability to correct and edit almost any type of image. You can download and try it from this link .