Fortnite on Android is Now Available for Download on Google Play!

Until now, everyone who wanted to play Fortnite had to download an installer first and then the game. That is over because it can be said that the most famous Battle Royale can be officially downloaded from Google Play from today.

Easy as any other game, Fortnite, the best-known multiplayer, can be downloaded now from the official Android store. Simply, like any other game, you have to enter the following link and download it.

fortnite on android

Price: Free

It can be said that “also” can be downloaded from Google Play since Epic maintains the possibility of downloading it by the traditional method, avoiding Google’s control.

Why wasn’t the Epic game in the Android store?

The answer is simple: in-game purchases. In 2019, Google removed all apps from its store that had its own internal payment system, which did not go through the one controlled by the giant of Mountain View. Something that Epic refused and mounted the system that until now we knew to be able to install the game on (almost) any mobile phone.

verificación en dos pasos en Fortnite para Android

In the end, what has happened is that the Fortnite editor has given up. With a game that, although still massive, is beginning to be abandoned by its public in favor of others like the future Valorant (now in closed Beta). It seems that the editor of the Battle Royale has been a little forced by the circumstances, because in her statement, the truth is that a certain air of bitterness continues to be distilled.

“Google puts software downloadable outside of Google Play at a disadvantage through technical and business measures such as terrifying and repetitive security pop-ups for downloaded and updated software, restrictive deals and deals with manufacturers and carriers , Google’s public relations that characterize third-party software sources as malicious software, and new efforts, such as Google Play Protect, to completely block software obtained outside the store. ” Epic affirms in the statement in which he reasons his return to the fold.

Of course, they indicate that the Epic Games app and all those who download the game outside of Google Play , something that can continue to be done as we have indicated, will continue to have the support of the company. The statement ends: “We hope that Google will review its policies and trade agreements in the near future, so that all developers are free to reach out to Android and Play Store customers and to participate in their business through of open services, including paid services, that can compete on equal terms. ”

What is the advantage of downloading Fortnite from Google Play

The most obvious is that we can get rid of the installer that had to be used until now, making an app less to carry on your mobile. And above all, now we will not depend on an external update service. All will come from the Google Play itself and we can manage them as we do with the other applications.