Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4: Marvel Map, Weapons and Challenges

The new season 4 of Fortnite is here, and it could not have come at a better time, since its theme perfectly reflects the state in which Epic Games is at the moment at the business level: in a total war. With the arrival of a great cast of Marvel characters, the new Season 4 is presented as a great episode to enjoy.

What happens in Season 4?

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4: Marvel Map, Weapons and Challenges

Galactus, the devourer of worlds, is a rather capricious all-powerful being, and it seems that he has gotten it into his head to devour the tiny little island of Fortnite. Aware of this, Thor, who works as his personal herald, has decided to land on the island accompanied by other avengers and Marvel characters in order to put a stop to Galactus’ evil plans, and that is where the new season will begin.

But there is a problem, Thor has lost his memory and his powers, so you will have to help him to regain his spirit and be able to face the imminent attack of Galactus. To achieve this you will face with the help of other heroes:

  • Storm
  • Hombre de Hierro
  • Mysticism
  • Dr doom
  • She-hulk
  • Wolverine (Wolverine)
  • Groot

What’s New on the Season 4 Map

Fortnite Mapa temporada 4 capitulo 2

The map will once again offer a complete island without the floods of the past, and now the action will take place on land. In any case, you should not miss taking a look at the sky, since, thanks to the supplies from Stark Industries, you will be able to receive chests thanks to some flying drones that will circulate around the island.

Fortnite Temporada 4

Among the gifts of these chests, we can find the new Stark Industries energy rifle , which will offer more or less power depending on who you are targeting. In addition, now in the warm-up of the game we will be on the Helicarrier, the famous Marvel flying aircraft carrier from which several fighters full of sentinels will leave for the island, so be careful where you land.

Where is Captain America?

Fortnite temporada 4

Among the characters that have been revealed in the plot is not Captain America, however, in the comic that we can read in the waiting room, there are references to the famous avenger, so it is possible that he later appears on the scene at as we progress through the season.

A fairly complete season pass

Fortnite temporada 4

As always, the season pass will offer us different rewards that we will unlock as we increase the level of our character. On this occasion, the bonuses will be divided into three groups, since in addition to the traditional season pass, we will have the possibility of obtaining Wolverine rewards and weekly challenge rewards.

Why can’t I play Season 4 from my iPhone?

If you haven’t heard by now, we have bad news for you. Apple has banned Epic from updating the Fortnite repository for not complying with the rules of the App Store (remember that they removed it and can no longer be downloaded), so the new update is not available on iOS or Mac.

This means that to play Fortnite season 4 you must do it from a PC, a console or an Android device with the latest version to download manually from the Epic website, since the Play Store has also removed the application from the store .