How to Force the Update of Google Play on Your Android Mobile

As you know, in the new versions of Android, Google Play is already part of the security settings of our Android mobile. There we can check which version of is the one that is installed, for its update month. And if you have seen that this for some reason has not been updated for several months, we have the option to force it.

Force the Update of Google Play

Before, Google Play used to update as just another app, although it did it stealthily, in the background, without us knowing. Now it does it more or less in a similar way, but when there is an update we do receive an update message, like the one we would usually see when the system is updated.

Is your Google Play up to date?

This is something that since we have updated to Android 10 we can check in the system settings. Normally we must do the following to check it.

  • Enter settings
  • Access Security
  • See “Google Play system update”
Google Play

Google Play without updating

For example, it appears on my mobile that it is updated as of October 1, 2020, so it is two months late. If I click on this same button what I see is a message that it is up to date and to look for new updates. After doing so we see that it tells us that there is nothing available, so if it were the mobile, there would be nothing else to look for until further notice. But we can easily force this update by directly downloading an “apk” on our mobile .

How is the update forced?

Well, as we say, you can also update manually with an apk file from “Apkmirror” which as you know is the Android app repository. What you have to download are the “Main Components” from Google , with which we update Google Play to the latest version. To do this you have to do the following:

  • Make sure you have Android 10 or higher installed
  • Access this link
  • Download the latest version available
  • Install the “apk” file like any other app
  • Trigger installations from unknown sources if necessary

actualización Google Play

This process will not cause any damage to your mobile, the only thing it will do is update the components that Google Play and other Google services depend on to the latest version. After having installed it, when you return to the security section of Google Play, you will be able to verify that the update date of the store is the last existing one . In this case, it appears on December 1, so we have taken a two-month jump compared to the last one we had installed.

This is not something that depends on the manufacturer of our phone, but directly on Google, so sometimes some problems may arise that prevent us from updating in time. This is the easiest way to force it and access the latest Google Play features. And best of all, without having to root the system or fear losing any data, since although each one of us installs it under our responsibility, it does not involve any problem.