How to force close apps not responding on iPhone

iphoneThere is no worse time than that in which you have to go somewhere with time and suddenly Uber stops working. You give the option to choose type of vehicle and it does not go. You think that it is the coverage, that the data is failing but not: it is another one of those apps that do not respond and have stopped working. So it’s time to get out of it anyway.

Even if you don’t believe it, those things happen within the iOS ecosystem and, even if you don’t believe it (for the second time), there are users who are not sure about the method to completely exit an application. Because you swipe up to return to the Home screen and we advance that it will not solve anything at all.

A quick and easy process

Depending on the iPhone you have the method to exit an application is significantly different. In the Home button devices we have to double click on it to display all the thumbnails of the applications that we have open at that time. Then, with throwing up we indicated to iOS that those apps that do not respond we wanted to close them completely.

In the new models that arrived in 2017 with the new iPhone X that changes since we do not have a Home button and everything has to be done through gestures. In this case, just slide your finger from the bottom of the screen to the center and keep until all the thumbnails of the applications we have open.

Salir de aplicaciones en iPhone.

It will be at that moment when, already, we can swipe up to launch the application off the screen. Now it’s time to see that, in fact, everything has been fixed and that Uber (in this case) is operational again. We already advance that the normal thing is that it is so in 99% of the occasions but, what happens if we are lucky enough to suffer that 1% chance? Well, you have to take more extreme measures.

Turn off and on iPhone

As we say, with the method that we have given you the problem, it will be fixed for sure, but if it is not the case, it is best to turn off the mobile, let it rest for a minute and turn it on again . This, which seems like the grandmother’s remedy , is not only effective for getting out of an unruly app , but it will also help you if the Airpods resist connecting to the iPhone after using them with an iPad or a Mac. They are small imperfections that we still have to suffer from a technology that is very advanced, but that is not without failures.