For less than one euro you can buy personal data on the Dark Web

Suffering an attack on the network in which our personal data can be stolen and exposed is, unfortunately, very common. Hackers use many techniques to achieve their goal. They make use of Phishing attacks, keyloggers, Trojans … Personal information can be of great value although, as we will see in this article, they can also obtain it for very little money.

Deep Web

Personal data for less than a euro on the Dark Web

The Dark Web is the space of the Internet hidden from normal browsing. To access, as we know, you have to use specific tools. This is where cybercriminals exchange information on forums, put illegal products up for sale, and also where stolen accounts end up.

According to Kaspersky research that we echo, personal data is sold on the Dark Web for as little as 50 cents. This means that for less than one euro (about € 0.50) they could buy our personal information.

Logically the price varies depending on the type of information that is for sale. They analyzed 10 forums and markets within the Dark Web and saw that there was a high demand for personal data. However, the most surprising thing was that the price is really low. Anyone can buy multiple personal IDs for just a few euros.

Regarding which data is the most demanded, they discovered that bank information, card numbers and electronic payment are still in the head. It is still one of the most demanded, as in previous years.

Simply having our personal identification , DNI number and our full name could carry out Phishing attacks, impersonate our identity and even steal money from our accounts. Problems that, as we see, can put our privacy and security at risk.

Information theft on the Dark Web

New data of interest to cybercriminals

This same report includes that there is new data that is demanded by hackers. Specifically, they talk about medical reports and selfies with personal identification documents .

The latter is especially important. On many occasions, when creating a bank account, registering on a platform, the method they use to identify the person and verify that the person who registers is the legitimate user and not an impersonation, they request a selfie showing also the DNI. Now, if someone has access to that image, they could supplant our identity.

All this means that we must always keep in mind the importance of protecting our information on the network. We must not make mistakes that could expose data and that, ultimately, cause us to spoof our identity, steal passwords or affect our devices in any way.

The common sense is vital in these cases, but we must also keep in mind other tips that can protect our equipment and our security. One of them is to always keep the systems correctly updated , as well as all the programs that we use. Sometimes vulnerabilities emerge that are exploited by hackers to carry out their attacks. Those bugs can be corrected through patches.

We must also have security tools . Having a good antivirus can prevent us from suffering threats such as Trojans or keyloggers that aim to steal information or our passwords.

Source> InfoSecurity