Follow these steps to improve the photos of your Samsung Galaxy

Samsung mobiles have an impressive photographic capacity. Its high-end has one of the best cameras, but its mid-range is not far behind. There are cases like the Samsung Galaxy A53 that present impeccable results compared to devices with similar prices and today we are going to teach you how to get the most out of this aspect.

One UI is highly advanced software packed with features that you can take advantage of to your advantage, while the Samsung Galaxy camera app also ensures easy-to-use options for taking perfect photos. So, even without having much idea about photography, you can get some shots that will become the envy of all.

Follow these steps to improve the photos of your Samsung Galaxy

The best tricks for your Samsung camera

The vast majority of users are used to opening the camera application on their Samsung Galaxy and touching the corresponding button to take the photo. However, through this way we are completely wasting the powers that our smartphone hides inside, especially when it comes to one from the South Korean brand.

First of all, we are going to explain some basic notions that you should know beforehand, such as touching a certain part of the screen to focus on an element . In addition, this will generate the appearance of a slider with which you can regulate the exposure or light of the image in the event that there is excess lighting. Finally, you can easily control the zoom of the mobile by holding down on the tree icon in the lower area and sliding from the side.

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Once you are clear about these three things, it is time to delve a little deeper into the Camera application of your Samsung Galaxy. One of the most important is HDR , whose purpose is to expand the dynamic range of the photo to improve the contrasts of colors, light and shadow. To activate it, you just have to press the circular icon with the initials HDR inside that is in the app’s interface and it will be like automatically bringing magic to life.

Another option that you can enable in the settings is to use the RAW image format . This will make the photos you take with your Samsung Galaxy have a higher quality, although it will also imply a larger size, so you must be careful with storage. It is something very useful, especially if we will later edit them with Photoshop or other advanced programs.

Render photos for better quality

We’ve already mentioned that Samsung’s One UI software is a delight in terms of features and functionality, but this only becomes apparent as time goes by. One of the most important options landed last year 2022 with the Samsung Galaxy S22 series and serves to render the image with the aim of increasing its quality.

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This is not a tool built into your phone’s own camera, but is found within the Gallery. Best of all, it works with any photo regardless of its origin and its use is quite easy to understand, because you just have to do the following:

  1. Select a photo from your Gallery.
  2. Tap on the three dots on the right side.
  3. Press the “Remaster Image” option.
  4. Slide the bar to apply more or less processing depending on the desired result.