How to fix Win32AppBackgroundContext message on Windows

Since the arrival of Windows 10 first and Windows 11 later, everything has been for the better for Windows users. This is due to the wide range of features and functionality that Microsoft has been incorporating since then, along with regular and regular updates that bring new improvements to the features and functions of the system. However, the operating system is still not exempt from random errors, crashes and crashes at unexpected times.

One of these common errors that many users may face is the appearance of the Win32AppBackgroundContext message that can appear out of nowhere while you are working on our computer. Along with the error, there is also a blank screen that reappears even after crossing out the message, thus preventing us from working and causing our frustration to grow by the minute.

fix Win32AppBackgroundContext message on Windows

Why does the Win32AppBackgroundContext error appear?

Many users are surprised by the appearance of Win32AppBackgroundContext error message while working on the computer. This is a process that is associated with the EasyMail for Gmail application, a third-party application designed to bring the full Gmail experience to the Windows desktop.

If we suffer from the problem of the appearance of the white screen with this message, it may be due to several factors. On the one hand, a technical problem caused by the EasyMail for Gmail application, which starts generating the pop-up error on a recurring basis. In addition, this application has been able to damage the Chrome browser, causing a corrupt installation that can also lead to the appearance of said pop-up window.

In the event that this issue appears along with a square on a black background, it is likely due to an outdated system driver. Also, corrupted system files, incorrect brightness settings, or having dual graphics cards can also be the culprit behind this annoying problem.

How to eliminate the appearance of this message

Next, we are going to see different ways that we can solve the appearance of the Win32AppBackgroundContext error message on our Windows 10 or Windows 11 computer.

Uninstall Easy Mail for Gmail

Easy Mail for Gmail is a very common and used email manager, which can sometimes become incompatible with the system due to a recent Windows update so it starts showing the pop-up window with the message Win32AppBackgroundContext. That is why uninstalling this application can help us solve the problem.

Desinstalar EasyMail for Gmail

To do this, we are going to press the keyboard shortcut “Windows + I” and we will access the “Settings” menu. Then click on “Applications” and “Applications and features”. Here we must search for the EasyMail for Gmail application and click on the Uninstall button. Now we only have to follow the instructions of the wizard for its elimination and later we will verify if the annoying message no longer appears again.

Reinstall Google Chrome

In the event that the Win32AppBackgroundContext message is only displayed when we open Chrome, the problem may be caused by the corrupt installation of the Google browser. This could have been caused by the previous installation of a mail management application such as Easy Mail. Therefore, in this context, uninstalling and reinstalling Google Chrome could help us to solve the problem.

Desinstalar Chrome

To do this, press the “Windows + I” key configuration and we will access the “Configuration2” menu. Then we click on “Applications” and “Applications and features”. Here we must look for the Google Chrome application and click on Uninstall for its elimination. Once finished, we restart the system.

Next, we navigate to the following route:

Usuarios/nombre de usuario/AppData/Local/Google

Eliminar carpeta de Google de AppData

Here we need to delete the Chrome folder.

Later, we navigate to the following route:

Archivos de programa (x86)/Google

Borrar carpeta Google de Archivos de programas

Now, we proceed to delete the Chrome folder and reinstall the Google browser . Once reinstalled, we launch Chrome and we should have gotten rid of the annoying message appearing by now.

Run SFC command

In the event that corrupt files are found in the system, they can cause strange and random behavior in Windows, such as the appearance of this error message. Therefore, it may be useful to perform a scan with SFC to try to solve the problem. This command will take care of scanning the PC for missing or damaged files .

The first thing we need to do is open the Command Prompt tool for which we type cmd in the Start menu search box and run it with administrator rights. Next, we type the following command and press Enter.

SFC /Scannow

Ejecutar SFC en Windows

Once executed, we wait for the scan to complete, which can take time, so we must be patient. In case any corrupted system file is found, this tool will repair it and this should fix the window appearing with the message Win32AppBackgroundContext´.

Perform a clean boot of the system

Performing a clean boot will load Windows with a minimal set of drivers and startup programs, which can help eliminate any software conflicts that can occur when installing a program or update. And it is that the accumulation of unnecessary system files and cache data, processes and services running on our computer can also trigger this error.

To do this, press the key combination “Windows + R”, type msconfig.exe and press Enter. Next, in the “General” we must click on “Selective startup” to later uncheck the ” Load startup items” box .

Configuración del sistema inicio selectivo

Next, we click the “Services” tab to check the “Hide all Microsoft services” box. Finally, click on the ” Disable all” box. Once this is done, click “OK” and restart. After restarting we must verify if this error still appears.

Configuración del sistema ocultar servicios de Microsoft

system restore

If we have noticed that the problem of the appearance of the pop-up window with the text Win32AppBackgroundContext has started to occur currently, it may be that the problem has arisen due to a change in our system that has been made recently and that we may not be aware of. Since we will have no idea what change could be the culprit, we can choose to perform a System Restore.

Both Windows 10 and Windows 11 typically perform a restore once a week, or before we make any critical changes to the system, such as installing drivers or updating the system. To be able to do a system restore we must follow the following steps.

Abrir Restaurar Sistema en Windows 11

We must open the Control Panel and in the upper right part in the “View by” option, select “small icons”. Once this is done, we click on “System” and then on “Recovery”, which we will find on the right side. This will open another window where we must click on ” Open system restore” , which will open a new window where we will click on ” Choose a new restore point” . We select it and Windows will start the process. Once finished, we check that the annoying message no longer reappears.