How to fix the touch screen of your Motorola One Vision

motorola-one-versionThe Motorola One Vision is one of the best terminals of the firm launched in 2019. It stands out in several aspects, but the Night Vision Mode to take photos in low light conditions, is one of its great assets. However, like any smartphone, it is not without some problems that may arise. Today we are going to talk about the problem with the touch screen and its possible solutions.

We have seen on many occasions how even the most expensive flagship on the market can suffer some operating problems that make the user experience somewhat frustrating. Sometimes the solution is at your fingertips with a simple adjustment or update, while in the worst case we will have to visit the Technical Service on duty.

Frontal y trasera Motorola One Vision

How to fix the problem

There are several users who have perceived a performance problem on the touch screen of their Motorola One Vision. The reports coincide in a little fluid experience with the touch screen, centered when the keyboard appears, although some One Vision owners indicate that it also occurs during the execution of some games.

It also indicates that the problem appears when the device is connected to the power, at which point the fault appears again and the touch experience becomes very difficult.

Update the mobile

Both Motorola and some users have proposed several solutions to this problem, which in a large majority of cases are working. The first and most logical before continuing is to verify if we have any pending system updates. If so, we must update the device and see if the problem disappears, as has been the case with many users.

If there is a pending patch, it should appear as a notification in the notification bar, but if it is not, we will have to go to Settings / System / Updates and manually check if we have any pending.

Diagnostic Test

The next step is to make use of the diagnostic tool of our Moto One Vision. To do this we go to Menu / Motorcycle Help / Device Diagnostics / Hardware Test / Touch /. Then we will have to follow the instructions to verify if the touch has an error. If so, the system will offer us the steps to follow to solve it.

Enter Safe Mode

If after the test no fault was detected, Motorola recommends using the Safe Mode for 40 minutes. To do this, press the shutdown key and release once the “Shutdown and Restart” options appear ; Then we press and hold the screen on the option “Turn off” until the device turns off and release once it starts restarting.

As you know, this mode starts the device without running any third-party application. Once inside the “Safe Mode” we must check if the problem continues, if not, it means that some app is interfering with the proper functioning of the terminal.

Install another keyboard

Some users indicate that the solution has been to install another keyboard, since the Google Gboard keyboard that integrates the One Vision by default, could have some compatibility problem in some devices. In Google Play there are dozens of keyboards with which we can do the test to see if that is our problem.

teclado de google

Download keyboards for Android on Google Play

The screen saver?

Finally, some users report that the problem can be solved by removing the tempered protective glass . This is usually a common failure and in which few fall, and even more so when a third-party and low quality product has been installed.

If the problem persists despite everything, we only have to make use of the official manufacturer’s warranty and pay a visit to the Technical Service so that the problem can be detected.