Fix the Sound Problems of Your Huawei with Bluetooth Devices

There are many users who have shown their sound problems in Bluetooth devices with Huawei phones , an error that came with EMUI 9 and other higher versions have continued to drag. There is not a single smartphone that suffers them more or less, but it depends on several unknown factors that for some reason cause failures, which make it very difficult to enjoy music among other things.

Sound Problems of Your Huawei with Bluetooth Devices

Luckily for everyone, the EMUI Bluetooth sound failure can be resolved as we show you. Before that, we are going to know the main problems that appear and those that we can solve quickly and easily if our error is the same or is closely related to Bluetooth devices.

You cannot control the volume of Bluetooth devices on Huawei

The most repeated failure occurs when after counting the Bluetooth products to the mobile and pressing the volume controls, the audio we want is not modified. The Bluetooth volume control in EMUI encounters faults on some occasions and this can lead us to try many solutions without being able to solve the problem.

volumen bluetooth huawei

The volume of Huawei mobile devices is very high or low

Another very repeated case is when once we connect the Bluetooth device and put the speakers or headphones to work, we find that the volume of the device is totally random. This can result in a very high or very low volume , but luckily for everyone it can be corrected so that it matches that of the mobile automatically.

sonido movil huawei

Solution: Absolute Bluetooth volume

This is the name given to the function with which we will be able to make the devices connected to our Huawei mobile phone not surprise us with a low or high volume, but also what will fix the problem that prevents us from controlling the volume of mobile devices Huawei no matter how much we try other alternative solutions. What we must do to fix it is this:

volumen absoluto bluetooth huawei

  • First we need to activate the developer options, something we do by going into: Settings> About phone and repeatedly tapping on the build number.
  • Then we go back and go into System and updates.
  • Among the possibilities we choose Developer options.
  • And finally we look for the option Bluetooth absolute volume.

Just by doing this, the problems should be solved, although we recommend restarting the mobile for the change to take place. We may also need to turn the Bluetooth device off and on, as long as the changes we have made in the EMUI system apply to it.