How to Fix the Sound Problem in WhatsApp Notifications

whatsapp-notification-errorAmong the many applications that we can have in our mobile phones, WhatsApp is one of the most popular and that is not missing in almost any smartphone. A very useful app but in some circumstances it can become a problem if we suffer from sound problems and we do not receive an alert when we receive a WhatsApp notification.

To solve this problem, we will try to find the possible failures that are causing WhatsApp notifications to not ring on our mobile. There are many possible causes, although we can see how all of them in one way or another can be solved quickly, remembering that these problems may come due to a problem with the speaker , which is more complicated to solve.

Check the sound settings

In the shortcuts section of our mobile we are going to find several sound modes that may be causing the incoming WhatsApp notifications to sound. To solve it we just have to slide the notification bar and we will see all the shortcuts of our mobile. In this section we can see a button designed to silence the mobile, which if we have activated we will not receive notifications of WhatsApp or calls.

No molestar sonidos WhatsApp

This shortcut bar also allows us the possibility of encountering the do not disturb mode , which prevents only some notifications and at a certain time from ringing on our mobile. To configure the do not disturb mode of our mobile we have to enter Settings> Sound> Do not disturb and we will have access to schedule a different time than the one already marked or modify the type of notifications that will sound on our mobile.

Notification Permissions

A fairly common cause is to have stopped allowing WhatsApp notifications or those of a specific contact in the Android settings, something that we can solve will go to Settings> Applications> WhatsApp and enter notifications. In this section we will see unmarked all those groups or contacts to which we do not have granted permissions for notifications.

Problema de sonido notificaciones Whatsapp

Sound settings in WhatsApp

The sound problem with WhatsApp notifications can come from the application itself, to solve it in this case we will have to enter WhatsApp and click on the three points at the top to then enter the settings. Once we are here, we will choose notifications and verify that we have a notification tone set for individual and group messages. If we prefer we can also choose from here the vibration and the notification LED.

Problema de sonido notificaciones Whatsapp

Sound problem by saving mode or background apps

Another of the most widespread problems is when our smartphone is adapted and configured to close applications in the background or limit notifications in case we have little battery. This occurs in countless times with Huawei smartphones, which limit notifications when we have the screen turned off, preventing us from knowing when we receive a WhatsApp until we look at the mobile. To modify this, we have to go to the settings, enter the battery and choose when we want it to be activated.

Problema de sonido notificaciones Whatsapp bateria

Next we turn to the applications that we have installed and specifically in WhatsApp, where we will see a section called battery optimization . This section is the reason why our WhatsApp application closes when it stays in the background and many times we do not receive notifications, to avoid it we just have to avoid this optimization or at least limit it so that it does not leave us without receiving WhatsApp notifications .

There are many situations that can occur so that our mobile does not alert us with its notifications that we have a new message on WhatsApp, although with these simple steps you will take the key that allows you to retrieve notifications of the contacts and groups you want.