How to Fix the Nt_wrong_symbols Error When Using a Wi-Fi Adapter

When we buy and install a new device, whatever it is, we can have problems. There may be a conflict with the system, lack of drivers, incompatibility due to being old or modern (depending on the equipment we have), etc. In this article we are going to talk about a problem that appears in some users when they use a new Wi-Fi adapter on their computer. This is the Nt_wrong_symbols error , which is accompanied by a blue screen in Windows.

How to avoid Nt_wrong_symbols error when using a new Wi-Fi adapter

On many occasions we need to improve the devices we use to connect to the Internet. The network card is a fundamental piece so that we can have a connection. It does not matter if it is access via Wi-Fi or cable, we will always need to have one on our team.

WiFi Signal

Normally a computer incorporates one or more network cards (to connect by cable or Wi-Fi). However, sometimes it does not work well or we want to improve the coverage and we choose to buy a better one. The problem comes when when installing it we see that it does not work.

A bug that appears in some users is that of Nt_wrong_symbols . Appears when using a new Wi-Fi adapter in Windows. We are going to see what we can do if this happens and get it to work correctly without constantly appearing that failure.

Update the Wi-Fi adapter drivers

A first step that we must take is to update the drivers of the Wi-Fi adapter . This is very important, since in many cases problems of this type appear when we do not have the latest versions of the firmware installed and it generates incompatibility with the system.

To update the drivers of the Wi-Fi adapter in Windows we must go to Start, write Device Administration and open it. There we will have to look for the Network Adapters section and select the adapter that interests us. We simply have to click with the right mouse button and click Update driver . Once we have done it, it is convenient to restart the system so that the changes are made correctly.

Actualizar el adaptador Wi-Fi

Disable and re-enable the Wi-Fi adapter

An alternative in case the previous point has no effect is to disable and re-enable the Wi-Fi adapter. For this we have to follow the previous steps: we go to Start, we open the Device Manager, we look for the Wi-Fi adapter and we give it to disable to later enable it again.

Update Windows

It could also happen that we have an outdated operating system and it is not compatible with the new adapter that we are using. There may be conflict in this regard and hence the Nt_wrong_symbols error in Windows. Therefore, we must ensure that we have the latest updates available.

To do this we have to go to Start, we open Settings, we give Update and security . There we can install the latest versions that are available. In this way we will not only solve errors, but we will also avoid security problems and improve the performance of the device.

Actualizar Windows

Run the system file checker

One more step we can take to avoid the Nt_wrong_symbols error when installing a new Wi-Fi adapter is to run the system file checker in Windows. We can do this in a simple way by following a series of steps.

To do this we have to go to Start, open the Command Prompt and run sfc / scannow . It will begin to scan the system files to repair some that may be wrong and that are causing problems. This will take a few minutes and then it will show us a report with those faults that it has detected.

We have focused on the problem when using a new Wi-Fi adapter as some users have had this error. However, these steps that we have mentioned can also be applied when a similar error appears with any other device. It can happen with a new adapter that we have bought and we do not have it updated correctly or it is not compatible with the system.

In short, following these steps that we have indicated we can fix the Nt_wrong_symbols problem that appears in Windows. We simply have to carry out what we have been mentioning step by step.