How to Fix Fingerprint Reader Problems on Xiaomi

More and more mobiles have a fingerprint reader , it does not matter if we are talking about a terminal of the entry or premium range. In Xiaomi the vast majority already have this feature that in several cases can give us problems, although it is something that has an easy solution thanks to the pin or pattern, nothing is as fast and safe as the fingerprint reader and fixing your problems is a priority.

Fix Fingerprint Reader Problems on Xiaomi

There are several reasons that may be the key to our problem, although luckily there are also several methods to solve them . Based on MIUI we will have at our disposal some options that you possibly did not know and will improve the result and security of our mobile with the different fingerprint readers that we will find.

Register fingerprint in MIUI

When we release our mobile what we usually do is configure the fingerprint reader, something that we can do later when we have more peace of mind, we reconfigure it, making sure that our problems do not come from storing it in a hurry and in a bad way.

Make sure you keep the footprint well

First of all we have to check that the footprint has been added well and the best thing for this is to save again, a quick and simple process but that we must base on a series of tips:

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  • Wash your hands and dry them completely.
  • Access the Settings on your mobile and look for password and security.
  • Inside we will enter unlock with fingerprint .
  • Click on add footprint.
  • We place the chosen footprint in the place where the reader is.
  • We have to lift our finger repeatedly and place it until the recognition is complete.

Keep the same finger twice on Xiaomi

A trick that can be useful and that will avoid several failures is to save the same finger twice, an option that we have available in the options of fingerprint reader of Xiaomi. We just have to access it from Settings> Password and security> Unlock with fingerprint and click again on add fingerprint. We will repeat this process twice or as necessary.

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Choose the recognition method

We can think that the footprint of our mobile can only be used in a single way, but the truth is that this varies according to the Xiaomi model that we have. There are some smartphones of the brand that integrate the fingerprint reader on the side and therefore it is a button, allowing it to work only when we touch it or also having to press it.

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To configure this we will have to access the Settings> Password and security> Unlocking with a fingerprint and tap on the option “Fingerprint recognition method”. Then we will see the options touch or press and according to our tastes or preferences we will choose it so that what seems a problem stops being a bad configuration.

Dirt problems

Fingerprint readers regardless of where they are located can contain dirt and sometimes even focus here. This is one of the main reasons why the fingerprint reader stops working as before and to solve it we only have to clean the reader with a dry cloth to remove dust or elements that although we do not see them are embedded.

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We can be more thorough and use a small toothpick for the edges in the chaos of the readers in the back or the side.

Errors with the fingerprint reader on the screen

With the arrival of fingerprint readers on the screen, many things have changed and with it new problems have arisen that until then did not exist at the same time as design and security have been improved. In some models such as the Xiaomi Mi 9T we have seen failures with the fingerprint reader on the screen that forced to choose other methods and that later only solved with an update, but however it is not always so easy.

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The main reason why a fingerprint reader does not work on the screen is the protector, in some cases they are too thick and do not allow the light emitted by the sensor to recognize our fingerprint to be uniform. In this case we will have to think about solving it by removing the protector and looking for an alternative one that works better.