How to fix any error message on the Xiaomi Mi Band 6, 5, 4 …

There are many problems that we can face on a daily basis with the Mi Band. The popular accessory can show us various errors in the Smart Band 4 or higher models that become a headache, although as we will see, most have a very easy solution. Some errors that can come from different aspects and whatever it is, we will be able to solve it so that you can take advantage of it.

Some errors that have coexisted with the Xiaomi sports bracelet for several generations and in many cases are linked to Mi Fit. The app from which we control the bracelet and in which we can adjust many parameters is the cause and the solution on several occasions, causing us not to be able to separate ourselves too much from the smartphone and we have to resort to it to solve the failures.

fix any error message on the Xiaomi Mi Band

Problems and solutions

Whatever the fault that appears on your bracelet, you will be able to fix it with a few quick steps. You just have to identify the text that appears on the screen and perform the steps that we give you below.

Connect with Mi Fit to update again

The Mi Band is constantly updated to add new functions, improve some that were already present or correct known or reported errors by the community. But sometimes the installation process can fail and the Xiaomi bracelet shows us a permanent message, from which users cannot pass where it literally reads ‘Connect with Mi Fit to update again’.

Mi Fit para volver a actualizar

To solve it, what we must do is focus attention on our mobile since we have little to do on the bracelet. The screen freezes and does not react to the screen touches we produce. What we will do therefore is go to the mobile Settings, enter Applications and select My Fit. The next thing will be to clear the cache of the app and also clear the storage.

In the case of iPhones where the problem also usually occurs, what we will have to do is uninstall and install Mi Fit. In March chaos, once we enter the bracelet app again, it will be necessary to enter again with the username and password, afterwards they get the option to regain access to the bracelet and continue with the update but now without failures.

Could not connect

Whether this failure is shown to us on the bracelet, or if it is shown in the Mi Fit app, we have to start this remedy. Within the app itself we are going to go to our profile to select the bracelet and go down to the button where it says Unlink. Once we touch on it, the trash can with our account will no longer be made.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 ejercicio

Then we recommend you follow the same steps we followed previously, restoring the application so that it starts working as if it were totally new. When trying to link the bracelet, we will see how now if the connection is generated and the mobile has no difficulty loading the data.

Chinese error

For that situation in which nobody wants to find themselves in which a message in Chinese is displayed on the screen, we also have a remedy. You do not need to know Chinese to solve it, it just takes a little skill and these instructions to end the failure in the Mi Band 6 or any other model . What we will do will be different depending on whether we have already linked the bracelet or we have not done it.

In case of not having linked it, we only have to activate the Bluetooth of our mobile, install Mi Fit and proceed to connect the bracelet as we would normally do. At a certain moment, the Smart Band will detect that the language of our mobile is Spanish and therefore it will be the one that will apply so that we can use it without difficulties.

If, on the other hand, we had previously linked the trash can and this text in Chinese has appeared, what we will do is restart our mobile and reconnect Mi Fit to the center again. Due to a specific failure, the system may have shown the error from which it is just that easy.

Connect to Mi Fit to get weather info

Among the many functions that the Xiaomi Smart Band bracelets integrate, is to check the time quickly from the wrist without depending on the smartphone. However, the error message that we show you is much more common than we would like and forces us to solve it if we want to know the weather forecast for the next few days.

After having not linked the data for several days, the bracelet shows us this error message, which makes us mention to connect the bracelet with the Mi Fit app in order to give us this information. However, there are many who complain on social networks and in forums, that although the application synchronizes the steps with the mobile app, time continues to show this failure. This is preceded by the fact that we do not grant all the permissions to the bracelet and therefore cannot give us this information.

To verify where we are, Mi Fit needs to have access to the location. To give it now and have the time appear on the bracelet, you just have to enter Settings> Applications> My Fit and select Permissions. Inside we activate the one that refers to the location and return to Mí Fit. In some cases, it may be necessary to restart the mobile for them to work correctly.

Other errors in the Mi Band 6, 5, 4 …

If the bracelet shows us an unknown fault that has nothing to do with those we have seen so far, in most cases it will not be linked to the mobile. It may be due to a failed update or simply a temporary software glitch. To end it and get the bracelet to work as expected again , we have to slide through the screen, to go to its settings. Once inside we look for the section where to put Restart and we touch it.

formatear Mi Band

Once turned on the fault will have disappeared and will not be repeated and if so, an update from Mi Fit will end up solving it. It is important not to get confused and touch on reset or we will have to re-link it to the mobile.