Firefox will stop working on these Windows versions

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Firefox, the preferred browser for users seeking speed, security, and privacy away from the dominance of giants like Google or Microsoft, has always been a champion of providing long-term support and not letting its users down. It offers a much freer alternative engine to navigate the web, breaking away from the “Chromium” engine’s control. However, it appears that this time, there is unfortunate news to share.

In January of this year, Microsoft ended its support for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. This move aimed to encourage users to upgrade to Windows 10 or, alternatively, the latest operating system version, Windows 11. Soon after, many developers, including antivirus companies, Google, and Microsoft, announced they would no longer support these older systems. Mozilla, on the other hand, stated that it would continue supporting these operating systems, but the duration of this support remained unclear.

Now, regrettably, the negative update has arrived.


Mozilla confirms when Firefox will stop working

Mozilla has provided a clear timeline for when Firefox will cease to function on computers running Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. According to the information on their support page, the end of support date is set for September 2024.

Currently, Firefox is the sole browser that remains compatible with these operating systems. Other popular browsers like Chrome, Edge, Opera, Vivaldi, and Brave, which are based on the Chromium engine, have already discontinued support for these Microsoft-abandoned operating systems. If you attempt to install any of these browsers, you will quickly discover that it is not possible. Thus, Firefox stands as the only viable option for internet browsing on these systems. Unfortunately, its days of compatibility are also numbered.

Subsequently, future versions of Firefox will no longer function on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, rendering them unviable for installation. This leaves users with just one remaining option if they wish to continue using Firefox.

Install ESR version

Starting from September 2024, users who have Firefox installed on their Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 systems will have only one option to continue their internet browsing: upgrading to the ESR version. The ESR (Extended Support Release) versions of Firefox are special releases where Mozilla focuses solely on bug fixes and security patches, rather than introducing new features.

In July 2024, Mozilla has plans to release Firefox 115 ESR, the latest extended support release that will remain compatible with these three discontinued versions of Windows. By installing this ESR version, users will be able to continue browsing with Firefox even after Mozilla ends its regular support for these Windows versions in September.

Mozilla guarantees support for its ESR versions for more than a year. Therefore, by installing this version, users can continue using the Mozilla browser until at least July 2025. However, once the end of support for Firefox 115 ESR is reached, there will be no further options available.