How to find duplicate files on Samsung Galaxy phones

If you are tired of your Samsung Galaxy smartphone collecting all kinds of duplicate files , from photos, videos, documents, among others … Don’t worry, because you can put an end to this chaos that your terminal has organized by itself without your consent. And it is that, within all the functionalities that the phones of the Korean firm have, we find the right tool for these situations.

In addition, we will not have to go crazy when deleting them one by one thanks to this software that is included in the Samsung Galaxy . We will even give you other alternatives that are just as efficient or better, if this function of your mobile device does not fully convince you. The most curious thing is that you will not be to blame, so we will also explain why the different files that you store on your phone are duplicated.

find duplicate files on Samsung Galaxy phones

Why do they double?

The truth is that the fact that the different files, such as images or videos, are duplicated on our mobile devices is something more common than users think. And, if before it was a problem for which the only possible solution was to go one by one deleting these documents, now it is much easier thanks to these types of tools.

But, going back to the above, surely you have noticed that the storage on your mobile device has decreased more than necessary, and that you have enough internal space and you even have a microSD in your Galaxy. However, there are many possible causes that could have caused this to happen to you on your phone with One UI .

Therefore, not only will we have to use this tool to find and delete these files, but we will also have to discover the possible origin of all these duplicate elements in the storage of our mobile phone. Some of the possible causes of this problem are:

Mis archivos Samsung

  • Receive the same multimedia file from several people and in different applications, either through WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.
  • Different applications on your mobile create different versions of the files.
  • They have been duplicated by the backup copies you have made. For example, if we have inserted the microSD of your old mobile and the files are copied to the internal memory of your new smartphone.
  • By sharing the images through instant messaging apps.
  • Because of Samsung Cloud.

The Samsung Analyzer

As we said, the fact of having duplicate documents on the phone is quite common, although that does not mean that it is still a great annoyance, as well as a loss of memory and our time when having to erase them. Luckily, the phones of the South Korean brand will help us to detect in a fairly quick and simple way if we have duplicates in the storage of the terminal .

Probably, most of you will have noticed this failure for a reason: the space on your smartphone has been reduced a lot. On the other hand, others probably have not given it greater importance when you have found the same multimedia element or document two or more times, and you have started to delete it.

However, it is not always something that can be seen with the naked eye so easily. Well, it is usually by pure chance and, surely, if you have encountered it once, it is because many more cases are hidden on your mobile device than you can imagine. But, to be able to put an end to it in a certain way, since with this tool we will only be able to detect them to eliminate it, more than anything because it will not help us to prevent it from continuing to happen over time.

Among the applications that are integrated into the Samsung Galaxy, we find the app with which we can manage all our files, known as My Files . This software will allow us to find in just a few seconds of our time these elements that have been copied more than once in our terminal. To find out what they are, we must follow the following steps:

Analizador de Samsung Galaxy

  1. Access the My Files application on your Samsung Galaxy device.
  2. Click on the three points in the upper right> Storage analysis .

Within this window, you will be able to see the news regarding storage and memory of your Galaxy device, as well as the percentage of use of both. Although, the highlight is the duplicate files section. However, within My Files you will have to make use of the option to Analyze storage manually, since it is advisable to do so so that your phone finds all the duplicate files .

For this, you will have to go down to the bottom of My Files and click on the Analyze storage button .

Later, you will have to enter this menu following the previous steps. Once inside, we will find a list in which we can see all the duplicate documents. Therefore, from here we will have the possibility of easily eliminating ourselves if we select them. In addition, it will tell us exactly where it is. If you look at the following image you will see that it is in ‘ / Internal storage / Download ‘.

The third party option

You may not have been very convinced by this tool of your smartphone and you want to make sure if it is 100% or not. Fortunately, before Samsung decided to include this type of functionality to eliminate copies of images or documents, app developers already thought about it when they saw what was happening on Android phones.

Eliminar archivos duplicados

This is why we find a wide assortment of possibilities that we will find for free within the Google Play Store of our Samsung Galaxy. Although, the most effective option is the Duplicate Cleaner application, with it we will have several scanning options, that is, we can customize where in the memory of the terminal we want to find these possible documents. In addition, we can go on to scan only one type of file, be it only images, documents, videos and even repeated audios.

Therefore, in order to start discovering if the analyzer of your Samsung Galaxy is reliable , you will only have to download this third-party application from the following link in the Google application store: