FIFA 21: Can’t Download the Xbox Series X Version?

FIFA 21: Can't Download

Many Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S users are experiencing an annoying problem that has prevented them from downloading the enhanced version of FIFA 21 for the new Microsoft consoles. It has been a week since the update was available in the store and the problem remains. What happen?

I can’t download the improved version of FIFA 21


If you have a PS5, you probably won’t have any problem when updating your PS4 version to the version of improved graphics for PlayStation 5, however, if they are on the side of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, it is very You may still not be able to download the game at this point.

The official forums of Microsoft and EA have been filled with protests about the error, since users who bought the digital version of FIFA and redeemed the code through the store, are seeing their standard version not being updated to the version of Series X | S.

The problem is that the application store only lets you download the 10-hour trial version, something that if it occurs and the user accepts, ends up linking said version to the player’s profile and ends up generating an absurd loop with which they cannot Download the improved version in no time.

Microsoft invites you to contact the seller


As we can read in the Microsoft forums, the official response of the company is that, in case you cannot obtain the version of the new consoles, contact the store from which you bought the digital code so that they can supply you a new code. This would solve the problem and allow you to download the improved version once and for all, but it would not finish solving the license mess that exists today.

At this time, all users can do is download the trial version of EA Play with 10 hours of duration (this does include the improved version), a period that once finished prevents you from continuing to play the game, so you would stay without playing. That is the situation in which a lot of players find themselves, so the level of protest is considerable.

Blame EA or Microsoft?

At the moment the situation does not seem to be entirely clear, but it is possible that both are the ones to blame. EA would be the cause of the mess by not having correctly controlled the transition of versions, especially after the appearance of the Beckham Special Edition. However, Microsoft would also have art of guilt, since in PS5 PlayStation users have also gone through the same trance, but in Sony they are solving the problem through customer service by unlinking the trial version of the profiles of the player, something that Microsoft seems not to have in its hand.

Those in Redmond have confirmed that reserved versions of the standard version or other versions, or purchases made directly from the Microsoft Store are affected by this problem, so that is the reason that some users can download the improved version and others cannot.