Fast Electric Bike: the Fastest Models

One of the best means of transport you can buy to move around your city is to buy an electric bicycle . We are talking about a device that has become the great exponent to decongest urban mobility, being ideal for short journeys.

But, when buying an electric bicycle, a series of transports must be taken into account to avoid a possible subsequent headache. And one of the most important factors is the maximum speed that a bicycle of this type reaches.

Fast Electric Bike

Regulations to take into account

To begin with, and as expected, it is very important that you know that the use of a helmet is mandatory as long as you drive on interurban roads or on highways. In the case of driving through the city, this security element is not mandatory, but we recommend it to avoid unnecessary scares.

On the other hand, it should be remembered that you cannot drive on the sidewalk except on rare occasions when there will be some type of sign indicating otherwise. But the usual rule is that any bicycle, whether electric or conventional, must circulate on the road like other vehicles.

It is also important to note that, in the event that you ride a bicycle at night, you will need a white front light and a red rear light. Some models already incorporate this element, but it is a factor that we want you to not ignore to avoid possible fines, as well as being a very important safety element in poorly lit environments.

Regarding third party damage insurance, it is not necessary to have it, but we do recommend it to avoid possible financial problems due to suffering any type of accident.

Electric bikes have a speed limitation

Bicicleta eléctrica Alfawise X1

Although it is true that the objective of this compilation is to recommend fast electric bikes so that you arrive as soon as possible at your destination. But you have to take into account a very important detail: there is a speed limitation that must be taken into account.

As indicated by the regulations on Assisted Pedaling Bicycles (EPAC): » assisted pedaling bicycles, equipped with an auxiliary electric motor, with a maximum continuous nominal power of 0.25 kilowatts, whose power progressively decreases and is finally interrupted when the vehicle speed reaches 25 km / h, or earlier if the cyclist stops pedaling. ‘

Or what is the same, an electric bicycle has a maximum speed limited to 25 kilometers per hour. If it exceeds this speed, a series of homologations must be carried out, since it is considered a moped. Don’t worry, most of the models we have selected meet the norm by not exceeding 25 kilometers per hour so you don’t have to do more paperwork, but none offers a speed lower than 20 kilometers per hour so that you can enjoy a fast electric bike. and effective.

On the other hand, the models we have selected offer great autonomy, the other great factor to take into account. So you can enjoy a great user experience during your travels.

Shengmilo Electric Bicycle

Bicicleta eléctrica Sheng milo

We begin this compilation of the best electric bicycles that you can buy to enjoy a very fast means of transport by recommending this model from Shengmilo . A mountain model that will allow you to move through all types of terrain safely. Add to it its great finishes and lightness (it does not reach 29 kilograms) to have a product that will not disappoint you at all.

Shengmilo MX21 Electric Bike

Bicicleta eléctrica Shengmilo MX21

Secondly, we want to recommend you this other electric bike. We are talking about the Shengmilo MX21 model which, as you can see in the image that heads these lines, is a folding model so that you can store it anywhere without space being a problem. And its up to 80 kilometers of autonomy guarantee that you will reach any destination without major problems.

Shengmilo Electric Bicycle

Bicicleta eléctrica Shengmilo

Yes, as you may have seen, Shengmilo is one of the great references when buying an electric bicycle, so it is normal that you see several models of this manufacturer within our compilation. It stands out for having professional front and rear mechanical disc brakes so you can ride safely.

Nilox 30NXEB275V002V2 Electric Bicycle

Bicicleta eléctrica Nilox 30NXEB275V002V2

Another of the big firms when it comes to buying a product of this type is the manufacturer Nilox . And in this case we want to recommend a model with an unpronounceable name, but with features that will not disappoint you at all.

Xiaomi Qicycle Electric Bicycle

Xiaomi Qicycle

Continuing with this compilation where you will find the best electric bicycles if you are looking for a fast model with the Xiaomi Qicycle . Yes, within the huge catalog of the manufacturer we also find bicycles and electric scooters. In the case of this model, we find a folding bicycle that boasts great autonomy and a compact size so that you can take it wherever you want comfortably.

Electric bike Nilox 30NXEB275VFM1V2

Bicicleta eléctrica Nilox 30NXEB275VFM1V2

And what about this other electric bike from the Nilox firm. A model made in Spain and that reaches a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour so that you can enjoy an excellent user experience.

Moma electric bike

Bicicleta eléctrica Moma 

Another great option to consider is this Moma signature bike. A perfect model for walking, as it is very stable, partly thanks to its hydraulic front suspension so you can enjoy pedaling safely.

Nilox 30NXEB266VFM1V2 Electric Bike

Bicicleta eléctrica Nilox 30NXEB266VFM1V2

And what about this other Nilox 30NXEB266VFM1V2 bike. An electric model that stands out for offering a great quality-price ratio. Add to it its perfect design to circulate in the most comfortable way, along with a set of accessories so that you do not miss anything.

SmartGyro Ebike Electric Bike

SmartGyro Ebike

Without a doubt, one of the most compact models you can buy is this SmartGyro Ebike electric bike. A device that stands out for its restrained design so that you can fold it and store it wherever you want.

Magicelec electric bike

Bicicleta eléctrica Magicelec

We close this compilation of the best options to consider if you want to buy a fast electric bike with which you can travel around your city comfortably and without spending too much money.