Facebook Not Working: Options, Solutions and What to Do

Facebook Not Working: Options, Solutions and What to Do

Facebook has been and will continue to be one of the most used services by millions of people in the world of social networks. It is true that, little by little, it has been transformed (at least on this side of the world) into a more mature social network, but that all users who are subscribed to the platform do not cease to like it. So much is the “vice” for using it that, when it presents any type of problem, it even gets to irritate us or put us in a bad mood for not being able to access it normally. If you have a problem with Facebook, keep reading, we will explain how you could solve it .

Why isn’t Facebook working?

The problems that we may encounter while we are using this social network may be due to many different reasons, among which may be those caused by ourselves, a failure of our mobile phone or even those that are due to a global error on the part of the platform.

In any case, since Facebook is such a globalized service, many of these inconveniences are repeated a lot. Therefore, some of the most widespread may be the following:

  • Access problems : a clear example of this occurs when we forget our username, email with which we subscribe or our password.
  • Account hacked or deactivated : although it may seem an inconvenience related to the previous one, since we cannot access our profile normally, it is something that could be much more serious than it might seem a priori. We could get to see (from a friend’s account) strange publications on our profile, that we begin to follow other users that we do not know about anything, etc. Although hey, don’t panic, maybe your account was simply deactivated by Facebook for breaking some community rule.
  • The content does not load : that we enter this social network but the content is not updated is a fairly common and very uncomfortable failure. These failures are often closely related to failures with the internet connection.
  • Facebook is constantly closing : this type of problem may be due to a failure caused by our own device.

What to do when Facebook fails?

These problems that we mentioned are the most common that we can find when using Facebook. But, luckily, most of them can be solved, which is exactly what we want to talk about now.

I can’t log into Facebook, what do I do?

The first error of all (and one of the most common) is one that does not allow us to log into our account. This problem can be generated for different reasons and, therefore, has different solutions:

  • You do not remember your username or password : here the solution is very simple. You just have to press the start option “Forgot your password?” and, from there, you will have to follow the steps that Facebook indicates. These will have to do with sending a recovery email to your mail, a text message to your phone if your mobile number was linked to your account, etc.
  • Hacked account : in case you were not careful with a possible cyber attack, it is more than likely that someone will try to annoy you by hacking your Facebook account. If you think that this could be the problem you are experiencing, you should enter your email with which you registered on Facebook as quickly as possible and change the password for this email. Why? Well, because if that hacker has entered your Facebook, who tells you that he does not also have access to your email account. This could turn out to be an even more serious failure than you expect, so take care of the email and then there will be time to report on this social network, through its platform for this type of problem , that you have been Hacked.
  • Account deactivated or disabled : on the other hand, if your account was disabled from Facebook, it is probably because you have violated any of the community rules, or well, it may be that they did it by mistake. If you think the latter has happened, you just have to follow step by step what Facebook offers us on its user help platform . But, if you violated any of those rules such as insulting someone, harassing them or similar actions, we recommend that you do not waste time trying to recover the account because you will not succeed.

Facebook does not load or closes constantly

Facebook caido

Like any other service or app used by millions of users, it is normal that the service may suffer certain internal problems or, that on certain phones it has a problem to function. The failure may come from our own internet connection, problems with background tasks that do not work properly on the phone or an error that comes from the operating system itself.

Here are the steps you must follow, in order, to try to eliminate any of the problems that we have just mentioned:

  • Check that your phone is connected to the internet and that this connection is working normally. The test is as simple as opening any other social network and checking if the new content loads on it or, directly, go to Google from the mobile browser app and perform any search. If this works, move on to the next step.
  • Close and reopen the Facebook app . Sometimes, some of the application processes of this social network may not run correctly. To try to fix it you will have to close it completely. To do this, you must remove it from multitasking or even force stop if you have an Android phone:
    • With an iPhone : swipe from the bottom of the screen to the center and hold a couple of seconds for multitasking to unfold. Now slide the Facebook app up to make it disappear and reopen the Facebook app.
    • With an Android : depending on the phone model, multitasking can be deployed in several ways. If you are clear on how to do it, close the app from here and then reopen it. But, in case you want to make sure that you closed it completely, it is best to “force close” . An option that you must access from the phone settings, then enter the applications section and, here, locate the Facebook app to open it. Finally, you will see the option to “Force close”, press it and you’re done.
  • Update the Facebook application : many times we completely forget to update the applications of our smartphone and, if they are not activated so that they are carried out automatically, they can trigger a problem. You just have to enter the application store of your phone and, from here, look for the list of apps that need to be updated (depending on your operating system, it will be in one section or another).