Extend Your WiFi Range with Amazon Echo: A Clever Home Networking Hack

If you’re a user with multiple Amazon devices in your household, you’re in for a treat. There’s a nifty trick that can transform your Amazon Echo smart speaker into a WiFi extender to amplify your home’s WiFi connection. We’ll walk you through the process step by step.

To embark on this project, you’ll need two Amazon devices. The first is the Echo you want to convert into a WiFi repeater. The second is one of the Amazon eero WiFi mesh systems.

Amazon Echo

Amazon’s Integration of eero

Amazon acquired eero several years ago and integrated it into their lineup of branded devices. Over time, Amazon has been working to enhance connectivity between eero mesh devices, ensuring seamless WiFi coverage throughout your home. While compatibility is primarily on the Echo side, not all Echo devices offer this support. The list of compatible Echo devices includes the fourth-generation Echo Dot (both regular and clock models), the fifth-generation Echo, and the fourth-generation Echo.

Setting It Up

Fortunately, eero compatibility is widespread, with just one exception: the first-generation eero Home Wi-Fi System from 2016. Now that you have the prerequisites in place, let’s proceed with the setup.

First, link your eero and Amazon user accounts. While it’s not mandatory, connecting your accounts offers significant usability improvements and is necessary for both devices to connect. Ensure that your Alexa account is also the same. It’s crucial that all three services share the same registration and WiFi connection.

Next, ensure that all three services are updated to their latest versions. You can update your Echo by asking Alexa to check for updates with a voice command. For eero, go to Settings and verify there are no available updates in the software section. The Alexa app can be updated like any other mobile app from your device’s app store.

Installation Steps

Amazon Eero mobile app

Assuming everything is up-to-date, let’s move on to the next step. Open the eero app and select “Discover.” Choose “Amazon Connected Home” and activate the “Eero Built-in” option. This service, integrated into compatible Echo models, facilitates connectivity between the two devices. Once activated, you’ll see a list of compatible Echo devices. Simply enable the Echo you want to transform into a WiFi extender.

Top Recommendations

Amazon provides several tips to ensure optimal performance. Avoid placing two converted Echos too close together, as this can defeat the purpose of extending your WiFi coverage. Additionally, refrain from using more than four Echos as repeaters to maintain performance and prevent potential issues with connection speed and stability. Keep in mind that this solution is meant to provide an extra function for your Echo, rather than replacing dedicated eero repeaters for more extensive coverage.