Samsung Galaxy S11: Everything we know about

galaxy-s11Yesterday we already knew the preliminary date of the presentation of the new top of Samsung range, thanks to the filtering of a video where the date appeared, but that was a leak. Now Samsung has officially announced the date it will present the Samsung Galaxy S11 , and we want to do a little review of what we know about them.

There has been a lot of talk, and especially many details about Samsung’s new terminals have been leaked, having surprisingly known this week the launch of an S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite, something totally unusual for the South Korean brand at this point of year.

When are the Samsung Galaxy S11 presented?

Sasmung has officially unveiled the date of his traditional ” Unpacked ” event, which is where he presents his new top of the range every year. And on this occasion the event has been further advanced, because it arrives more than a week before last year. The date chosen is February 11, so it will be well before the Mobile World Congress , that one more year will not count with the presence of the top of the range of South Koreans.

Galaxy Unpacked

What do we know about them, how many will they be? What will they be called?

It is expected that one more year we will have three models for the high-end of the firm, one standard, the Plus model and the e model , which would be the most economical of the three. On the final name, that is one of the first questions we ask ourselves, because on the same Christmas Eve one of the most reputed leaksters, Ice Universe, announced that it would be the Samsung Galaxy S20 , did not specify if everyone will be called that, but it seems that at least one of the models would be called this way.

Galaxy S11 Plus render

How will your design be?

Already last November they showed render with the alleged final design of the top of the range, from which the other two models will depart. And in these terms there will be many changes with respect to their predecessors. It will be a mobile very similar to the S10 Lite presented only a couple of days ago, or also to the A71 . Because on its front we have a curved screen as usual, but in the style of the Note 10, with a perforated camera at the top.

Samsung Galaxy

At the rear, we have a rectangular photo camera arranged vertically, which will also offer us an original arrangement of its sensors, completely asymmetrically. Therefore, although the design has already been seen in other mid-range models of the firm, it is a total novelty for the high range.

What to expect from your hardware?

In the first place, 5G will be one of the protagonists, we will have versions with this connectivity. In fact of the three sizes that are expected, with screens of 6.4 ″, 6.7 ″ and 6.9 ″ , none of them flat, the first two will be 5G and LTE and the largest only 5G. They will have powerful processors, the Snapdragon 865 for the United States and the new Exynos 990 , which changes the nomenclature to one that is more familiar to us, but that will be as powerful as its Qualcomm competition, or at least that is expected. Regarding the camera, as always, the Plus model will be the best gifted.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus render

In this case, a new 108 megapixel sensor will be released, but that will differ from the one seen for example in the Xiaomi Mi Note 10, which is also manufactured by Samsung. It will perform better in low light environments thanks to the pixel configuration of the sensor. In total the camera would have up to five sensors , arranged as on a die, with the LED flash on the bottom. The battery will also be one of the strong points, with capacities of 4000mAh for the S11e, 4300mAh for the S11 and 5000mAh for the S11 Plus , in addition the charge is expected to be much faster.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

Finally, as we have seen in some filtration, there is the possibility of a second generation of the Galaxy Fold , but with a design this time more similar to that of the Motorola Razr, traditional shell style, and yes, with a much lower price, similar to the other top of the company’s range.