EssentialPIM: Your Ultimate Productivity Booster & Email Management Tool

Advancement in technology is opening up newer opportunities ahead of all people. From augmented reality to artificial intelligence, new trends are adding to our efficiency and completely changing the way in which we work. But amidst all such improvements, the human brain has not undergone any change in pace compared to how it functioned a decade back. As a matter of fact, we are having to deal with multiple engagements at once and this is becoming very difficult as human brain cannot operate with the competence of a machine.

Appointing a secretary might seem like a viable option for keeping track of all your appointments and scheduling the upcoming tasks. But at the end of the day, your secretary will also be a human who is extremely prone to errors. And to top it off, it is extremely expensive and you need to be ready for the routine holidays where your secretary will be out enjoying vacations with family and you will have to manage the whole work single-handedly.


In such a scenario, don’t you think it would be wonderful if you could entrust the chore of managing all your information to a software which would keep running relentlessly and, in an error-free manner. We surely think it would be a wonderful idea and that’s why today we are going to talk about EssentialPIM, which has completely revolutionized the sphere of personal information management with its cutting-edge features. So, without further ado let’s take a look at the main modes of this software and how they can help in easing out your work woes:



You can sync the mails from different mail providers by simply logging into your account and allowing access to content reading. Once this permission is given, all your emails become a part of the EssentialPIM file system. You can link, search and edit these emails with other data. PGP protection of sensitive emails can also guarantee you complete peace of mind against data breach. Mass messaging is supported by EssentialPIM which allows sending announcements and newsletters to multiple contacts with a single click.



You can choose amongst 4 calendar display modes, namely, Day, Week, Month and Year. The events scheduled for the period shall be displayed in accordance with your selected mode. Daily events are shown on an hour scale having 30-minute increments. Multiple events can be scheduled simultaneously with ancillary events starting prior to the main one. Calendar also displays Week Agenda and Table mode. In the first one, list of daily scheduled tasks are displayed in a grid like manner denoting each day of the week. The Table mode displays a list of scheduled tasks with some additional information like start time, end time, duration and some description. Users can bank on the Calendar module for planning their work and personal time after effective integration with the Tasks and Notes module.



One of the biggest USP of EssentialPIM is its ability to create tasks, initialize regular to-do lists and schedule appointments. The Task module is integrated with Calendar which allows its smooth execution according to suitable conditions and priority of work. A special editor helps in creating and editing the tasks with various options of highlighting text, including hyperlinks, bullet lists and numbered lists. A number of properties can be set for each task which affect its viewing. Special reminders and recurring tasks can also be created in EssentialPIM. Users can view the Tasks module as a Plain, Tree or Consolidated list with each differing according to the principles of grouping records. The list items can also be grouped according to the start and end dates of different tasks.



The Notes module of EssentialPIM comes with a fully functional text editor which offers a significant advantage when compared to peer personal information management programs. While the editor occupies the main part of the work area, you can access the previously created notes from the left as they are displayed in a hierarchical data tree like manner. Users can take their pick amongst more than 150 fonts for creating and editing notes. The built-in editor supports different types of text selection, superscript/ subscript and 3 different types of list creation. Users can even add pictures, tables, hyperlinks and anchors for greater productivity.



You can structure data according to your own preference using the Contacts module. It also becomes possible to create multi-levelled contact lists by dividing the Contacts into groups following which you can navigate either through data table or group list. The Contacts can be renamed, deleted or replaced with others as per requirement.


Managing your work becomes hassle-free with EssentialPIM which keeps a copy of all your work done either on the web or in your linked accounts via Cloud. It comes reinforced with the Rijndael 256bit key, which can keep you completely worry free about your data getting leaked. Users can even alter the security bit of key settings to Blowfish 448bit key for benefitting out of enhanced protection. This cross-platform software can offer you full control over the information across AndroidiOS and PC whether at home or on the go as you carry it around in a USB drive for plug and play use.