Essential tips to protect yourself from the latest threats

The security measures we use are not always equally valid. In the same way that hackers update their attacks, it is necessary for users to take measures to be protected at all times. In this article we want to launch a series of fundamental recommendations to be protected against the latest security threats that affect computers or mobile devices.

Essential tips to protect yourself from the latest threats

Recommendations for maintaining network security

Hackers are especially targeting attacks against accounts and registrations on mobile devices. For example, social networks that you use from your mobile, bank payments, applications to share or store files, etc. Therefore, security measures must be increased especially to avoid these attacks.

take care of your passwords

Something essential is to take care of your passwords . The password is the main security barrier that will prevent intruders from entering your accounts, applications and devices. The first thing is going to be to create access codes that are strong and secure. They must contain letters (both uppercase and lowercase), numbers, and other special symbols as well. You should never use words or numbers that relate to you.

To help you in this process you can use password managers . They serve to store them and avoid forgetting about them, but they also have the function of configuring certain parameters and generating totally random keys.

But an essential factor related to passwords is to activate two-factor authentication whenever possible. More and more services have this option. For example, social networks, pages like Amazon, bank accounts… Basically it is a second step that we must take to log in. It is usually a code that we receive by SMS or through email.

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use good apps

Mainly at this point it should be mentioned that you should always use programs that are safe . You have to download the apps from official sources and avoid third party sites that might be unsafe. In particular, there has been an increase in attacks against mobile devices that take advantage of the use of unreliable programs.

But in addition to this, you must use security software that protects you properly. A good antivirus is necessary to prevent the entry of malware. Also other tools such as a firewall or even browser extensions.

Be careful with the information you store

Are you going to store sensitive information? Hackers are launching attacks that are responsible for stealing personal data and important information that we store on the mobile, for example. It is important that you protect the devices to prevent unwanted access and also that you use encrypted applications to store important data.

This should also apply to the use of the cloud. There we can store all kinds of files and documents. Now, in case there is an attack, all that can be compromised. It is essential that you use reliable cloud platforms and not expose the saved files.

Protect yourself on public networks

Although these are not new attacks, the truth is that we use more and more Wi-Fi networks to upload content to the Internet and avoid consuming mobile data and that makes hackers set their sights there. It is important to always keep in mind that a public wireless network can be insecure.

To avoid problems, it is best not to make payments or expose personal data on these types of Wi-Fi networks. In case of need, it is best to use a good VPN and thus encrypt the connection. This will prevent an intruder from reading everything we send or receive over the network.

Usar Wi-Fi públicos con seguridad

safe browsers

Many issues related to security and privacy are going to come through the browser . After all, it is the program we use to access web pages and many online services. This means that we must take precautions and only use applications that are reliable.

Which one should you use? The truth is that there is a wide variety. Some of the most popular and reliable ones are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Edge or Brave. However, the important thing here is to avoid browsers that you do not know, that you do not really know where it comes from and that may also be obsolete.

Common sense

One more tip to be prepared for today’s security threats is common sense. Perhaps it is the most important of all, since most cyber attacks will require us to make a mistake on the network. For example, that we click where we shouldn’t, that we download a malicious program, etc.

Therefore, if you avoid making mistakes of this type, you will be better protected against cyber attacks on the Internet. It is something that you should apply whether you use computers or browse from mobile devices.