EPUB or PDF, which format best suits my ebooks

Electronic books or ebooks are becoming, as with photo or video files, common elements on any computer. These help us to read all kinds of content of this type. From conventional novels, through manuals or written courses.


Well, they still refuse to abandon the conventional paper books that they do not know accompanying centuries, the use of these ebooks does not stop growing. In fact, more and more companies are joining this trend with their own reading devices, compatible software, or their own formats. And it is that, speaking of these formats of electronic books, It is worth mentioning that we have a multitude of them at our fingertips. Perhaps the most widespread and used worldwide is the popular EPUB , but it is certainly not the only one.

In fact, in these types of environments, office files are also widely used, which are also very widespread, we refer to PDFs . What’s more, we could say that on many occasions the use of this format initially owned by Adobe will be much more interesting than EPUB. In these same lines we are going to show you some of the reasons why it may be more interesting for you to opt for an electronic book in PDF format rather than EPUB.

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Why use a PDF for my ebooks

The first thing we should know is that the ebooks that we find with the format of the giant Adobe , are much more compatible on multiple platforms than the rest. The main reason for all this is that these are used in many more settings than e-books as such. That is why many other programs are perfectly capable of opening these types of files, both on desktops and mobiles .

A clear example of all this is found in Internet browsers, programs that are practically on any computer today. Well, these are perfectly capable of allowing us to read these PDF files and even carry out some basic editing tasks on them. To all this, we can add that, for example, on the mobile, we will not need to install specific apps for this reading , but we can carry it out from the browser itself.

On the other hand, from here it is worth noting that one of the main sources to find all kinds of electronic books or ebooks is the internet. This is something that happens in a very similar way, for example to the photographs or videos that we discussed earlier. But at this point it is also interesting to know that the Adobe format is much more widespread when it comes to downloading text content than others more specific for ebooks.

It is precisely for all this reason that on the web we can find much more content in the form of free books, essays or manuals in the aforementioned PDF. This opens up a wide range of possibilities when it comes to locating certain content that we want to open and read immediately. Whether they are novels by our favorite authors or technical manuals that we are interested in consulting.

Advantages of EPUBs for reading e-books

This is the format par excellence for ebooks, since, for example, all types of font sizes and reading devices are adapted. Among their advantages, we can highlight that they adjust to those screens so that they are fully legible, something that does not happen with all PDFs. They also allow changing the font , as well as its size. It is also worth noting that this is an electronic book format that allows us to modify the background color of the fonts used here.

In this way, and as you can imagine, this is one of the most appropriate formats in terms of circumstances to use in our digital book readers. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that this is a format that also allows us to carry out markings and annotations, so they are editable in some specific programs such as Caliber. In turn, EPUB is an XML-based electronic book format , hence its wide compatibility with all types of readers.

But that’s not all, since these have other advantages such as the ability to change the spacing between lines, add and use automatic dictionaries, etc.