Epic Games functions to improve the use of our library

The game stores that we can use at the moment offer us titles that we can buy, download and install on our computers immediately. A clear example of all this can be found in GOG, Steam or Epic Games, among others.

One of the most growing lately is the Epic Games Store , a proposal that was launched from the beginning to stand up to Valve’s almighty Steam. It is true that its availability in terms of games at the moment is far from comparable to that offered by the aforementioned Steam. However, for one reason or another, many users are gradually using this proposal for their leisure purchases.

improve the use of our library

We must bear in mind that, as with most of these stores that we mentioned, Epic Games has its own client. This is the program that we install locally on our computer and that offers us an interface with which to interact with the store. It is true that many of the functions that we find here, we can also use in the web version, but in most cases the client is more comfortable and functional. It is evident that in order to make use of this client that is mentioned, first of all, we need to enter the corresponding credentials of our Epic account .

Once we find the main interface of this client, we will have the possibility of carrying out various tasks. In this way we can acquire new titles, download existing ones, search through the available catalog , etc. But one of the most important elements that we will find will be our library.

Better organize the Epic Games Store library

This is where all the titles in the form of games that we have acquired in the past are stored. Almost all of us like to have a library of games that is complete enough and with titles to choose from. In this way, in our personal library we find purchased video games , others free, or those that we have obtained for some type of promotion. Keep in mind that this element can be made up of a few titles, or several hundred.

biblioteca epic

With this, what we want to tell you is that we should maintain a certain organization in order to locate what interests us in each case. For this, the Epic Games Store itself offers us a series of functions that allow us to use our library in a more optimal way . To do this, first of all, we have two well differentiated modes of displaying content. By default we find a fairly visible cover of each of the games that are part of our library. However, we also have the possibility to change this display mode to a list in which names are prioritized and which may be more useful to us.

In the event that we want to locate a specific title, say that we have two other functions that can help us in the Epic Games client. On the one hand, we will have the possibility to filter between all the games or to see only those that we have installed at that moment. In the same way, the client offers us the possibility of ordering the titles based on the most recently added ones, or in alphabetical order .