How to enter hidden settings panels in Chrome, Edge and FireFox

Throughout the years, web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge have offered us a wide range of functions and tools. However, there are still some features in these popular programs that many users remain unaware of.

Once we have selected a browser with the desired characteristics for our computer, it becomes essential to configure it properly. Fortunately, these programs typically provide a user-friendly configuration page that allows us to customize the browser to suit our needs. By exploring the available options, we can fine-tune the browser’s settings and personalize our browsing experience. It’s important to note that we rely on these browsers extensively for various tasks, as their usage has expanded beyond simply visiting websites.


In today’s digital landscape, we access online platforms, utilize applications, work, and even engage in gaming activities through web browsers. Additionally, we rely on them for streaming music and videos. Consequently, the functionality of these browsers must continuously evolve to meet the growing demands of our online activities. In the following sections, we will delve into a series of hidden configuration panels that are sure to prove highly useful to you.

Hidden Chrome and Edge panels

When it comes to exploring these features, Google Chrome, being the most widely used browser globally, offers a plethora of hidden panels that many users may not be aware of. One such example is a page that provides a comprehensive list of URLs to enable or disable various program functions. To access this page, simply type the following in the address bar:


On this page, you will find a wide range of options to explore. Among them, you can access functions that are currently under testing and marked as experimental. It’s important to note that when accessing this configuration page, a warning is displayed informing users that some of these tools may not function properly at the moment. Nevertheless, there are numerous choices available to enhance your browsing experience.

chrome url

How to open the hidden page of Edge

Before delving into the hidden configurations of the Edge browser, it’s important to note that the current version found in Windows systems can be considered as its second generation. This version is built on the Chromium rendering engine, which is the same engine used by Google Chrome. As a result, Microsoft‘s browser program shares numerous functions and features with its counterpart from the search giant.

Similarly, Edge provides a hidden page that grants users access to a multitude of configurations. To open this page, simply type the following in the browser’s address bar:

about:aboutedge page

Settings hidden by Mozilla Firefox

The same applies to Mozilla’s Firefox, a popular third-party browser choice for navigating the internet. It’s worth noting that discovering the hidden configuration and customization pages of this program is equally simple. In fact, right from the start, we come across a page that provides direct access to all the hidden options discussed here. To access it, simply enter the following in the Firefox address bar:


Upon entering this address, we are presented with a series of shortcuts that lead us directly to various Firefox pages, such as the plugins page, processes page, and certificates page. We highly recommend exploring all the options listed here to gain firsthand knowledge of the configurations and customizations available in this browser that we rely on in our daily activities.

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