Enhancer for YouTube: the fastest way to improve YouTube

The current YouTube design has both defenders and detractors, and also a large number of users who do not care exactly because they use the mobile version and there is little to do there. But if you use Chrome and consume a lot of YouTube on your computer, you may still like to know Enhancer YouTube , an extension with which to give it a spin.

Enhancer for YouTube


The theme of extensions for Chrome can be a bit crazy at times and end up causing you to have several without using them from the day you installed them, and because they were new. However, from time to time you can find some that end up being essential in your day to day. YouTube Enhancer could be one of the latter.

Enhancer for YouTube is not new, it has been available for some time and its last update was made in October 2019. Even so, if you don’t know what you think if we see some of its most important features and then decide whether or not you want to know more and If it really could be a good complement for you.

If you want to apply changes as we tell you about it, you just have to download and install it. You can do this from the Chrome store itself. Once done, either research on your own or keep reading.

We start with the design. On the Chrome toolbar you will see a red icon that gives access to Enhancer for YouTube options. When you enter the options interface it is not very colorful , but since it is something that you will only use in a timely manner, it is not a drama either. If you go down a little you will see that an option appears that allows you to choose different themes.

From the default to several dark ones where what changes is the color of the elements that highlight links, volume bar, playback, etc. You also have the option of adding CSS code to modify different elements of the interface if you have the right knowledge or search there in forums or other websites.

The theme is not the only thing that can be changed, the extension also allows you to add a toolbar that can be customized and allows you to have different shortcuts there to change the playback speed, player size, etc. These things can be done from YouTube’s own options, so if you’re not interested in deactivations, period.

Then there are a series of more advanced settings that allow you to set the default playback speed of the videos, how much you will advance in time by giving it forward or backward, and you even have the possibility to remove ads. The latter is already done by many through Adblocker and for all videos on the platform.

Here everyone decides what to do, but if there is a channel that you especially like for the content they do, with this extension you can create a white list so that your ads continue to show and can generate revenue to continue producing content.

Within these advanced options you can also set the preferred playback quality, for example, 1080p. And also have shortcuts as long as the YouTube HTML5 player is used. What’s more, there is even an option to save a backup of your custom settings.

What is important is that you know that you can insert JavaScript code to perform specific actions, but as they themselves indicate if you do not control code or it is from a trusted site it is better not to use it.

In summary, without being 100% essential, it is true that your options meet the expectations generated by your name. So, at least to try you lose nothing. Regarding privacy, something that always worries when these things are installed, its developer ensures that it is 100% reliable , so you should not worry about anything. But it’s up to you to decide whether to do it or not.