elgato Cam Link Pro: 4 Source HDMI Capturer

The quality of live broadcasts is reaching a quality worthy of a professional television set, and it is that many streamers are increasingly using more camera angles to change the points of view of their broadcast. The problem is that this requires a capturer for each video source, however, with elgato’s new product, those interested in setting up the perfect streaming setup will have it easier than ever.

New elgato Cam Link Pro

elgato Cam Link Pro

Imagine being able to connect 4 high quality HDMI video sources and control them to your liking to make your broadcasts much more dynamic. That is the idea proposed by the new Cam Link Pro capturer, a PCIe card to mount four HDMI inputs so that we can connect all kinds of sources to our liking.

To give you an idea, you could have a front camera, another to obtain an overhead plane that allows you to see a plane from above and a third camera to make a closer plane of your work table, leaving a fourth HDMI input for anything that you can think of.

A professional production multicam

elgato Cam Link Pro

The possibilities with this four-port HDMI capturer are endless, although obviously you will need the corresponding sources (quality cameras with HDMI output) to be able to mount the entire installation. The resolution that each signal will handle will be able to reach 4K resolutions, although it will be 2160 at 30 images per second as a maximum, it can capture in 1440 pixels at 60 images per second.

Each video signal will appear as an independent source in software such as OBS, vMix and the like, being able to control and edit them as you wish with total ease. In any case, if you prefer to make everything easier, the capturer will also be able to mix the signals to send them as one, being able to mix the four and interpret them as a single video signal that can be used directly in programs such as Zoom, Slack or Microsoft. Teams.

Minimum requirements

elgato Cam Link Pro

Taking into account the potential offered by this card, you can imagine that the computer you need to move all the content will not be especially basic. Depending on the manufacturer, you will need at least a computer with a 6th generation Intel Core i7 processor (an i7-6xxx) or an AMD Ryzen 7, from there to the top.

At the GPU level, a GeForce GTX 10xx is recommended as a minimum, so you will also have to take care of the graphics if you want everything to go smoothly. Anyway, seeing the final configuration that you could mount and the cameras that would be connected, surely if you already have all that computer approach you will be more than enough.