Electricity and gas: is it better to use them together?

Finding the perfect gas and electricity company can be an odyssey. There are hundreds of marketers, rates, offers, discounts … When looking for the basic services of your home, the big question often arises: is it better to hire electricity and gas together or separately?

It is more than reasonable that when you are looking for marketers, doubts arise. You may have already seen a multitude of offers and packs and still don’t know which one to choose. To make the right choice, the most important thing is not to jump into the first offer , but to analyze and compare electricity and gas rates in search of the best option.

Surely, the main reason behind your search is the savings on the invoice . You may have had a bad experience with your company and decided to switch . Or you have simply seen an offer online and your curiosity has piqued you.

Electricity and gas: is it better to use them together

What should I look for to choose an electricity and gas company?

It is very likely that in your search for electricity and gas companies they have tried to hook you with lightning offers and promotions . Gift months, happy hours, free months … Electricity and gas packs and dual rates do not escape this practice.

To detect the really good offers within all that noise, there are a number of aspects you should look at when choosing a marketer . And we anticipate that price is not always everything.

First, look for the company that offers you low prices and always keeps them low . Often times, after these offers there is a small print . This can hide something as important as that the price offered is only for the first few months.

Therefore, another important element is transparency. The company with which you contract electricity and gas must be transparent and explain things clearly to you . Mainly in the price, but also in the stays, additional services or surprise charges that they may charge you.

We can say that we stand out for our cheap electricity and gas rates . And it is true. However, we like more to boast that we are close, transparent and fair . In addition, we do not have stays nor do we charge you additional services.

Finally, a fundamental role for a company is to be a good advisor. Offer you energy advice to help you choose the best electricity and gas rates for your habits and lifestyle.

Without a doubt, hiring a marketer that meets this requirement is essential. Customer service is essential in this sector. For this reason, it is important that when you have doubts, you can speak with an expert advisor who knows the sector.

Advantages and disadvantages of contracting electricity and gas together

When it comes to planning the household economy, saving is usually one of the main objectives . In the case of the electricity and gas bill, the best strategy is to compare rates.

Without a doubt, the main advantage of having your electricity and gas contracts in the same company is convenience . By unifying your supplies in the same company, you will only have to talk to an interlocutor when you have any questions or problems with your supplies.

Having a single energy provider will give you the advantage of centralized management . You will be able to make inquiries, control your spending and carry out procedures in the same phone number, client area or app.

In any case, you should know that you have the freedom to contract your rates separately . Some marketers may require you to contract both together and this is not ideal.

There are companies, especially the larger ones, that offer deeply discounted dual rates, but be very careful! These offers do not always represent real savings . We recommend that you analyze the price of the rates outside the pack and the conditions.

Many of these packs usually include a stay of at least 12 months . This means that, if after the first few months you realize that the rate does not suit you, you will have to pay a penalty if you want to change.

If you are thinking of changing, we recommend you use our bill simulator to see how much you could save. As we said , our rates are always low prices . No cheating or cardboard.

What electricity and gas rates are cheaper

Although the electricity and gas rates speak different languages and work differently, what they must have in common is that they are the ones that best suit your needs . Depending on the consumption, the necessary power and the characteristics of the installation, you will need one rate or another.

The childless couple living in the room does not need the same as the large family in the duplex penthouse. For this reason, each one will be assigned a type of rate based on their consumption habits.

The best thing in these cases is to compare prices. We recommend using an independent comparator such as the CNMC comparator . But if the only thing that attracts you to a rate is a super discount, be suspicious! Before jumping into the pool, check the conditions .

You have the possibility of contracting electricity and gas with us and forget about complications, permanence and small letters. Take a look at our rates and leave us your information in the form to discover how to save on your bills.