This Electric Car Will Mine Cryptocurrencies While Recharging Its Battery

Electric Car Will Mine Cryptocurrencies While Recharging Its Battery

Since the emergence of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, they have been a new business model in which many people make large investments, whether in the short or long term. The amount of money that moves in these operations can be enormous, being able to both win and lose large amounts of money in a very short time.

This is a business that is easy to access since anyone can buy cryptocurrencies, although the amounts that are invested must generally be very high.

Cryptocurrency mining is very important since it contains the necessary operations to operate with them. The technological devices necessary to carry out these operations have the latest technology.

One way to take advantage of this technology

But what no one was counting on was for a car brand to create an electric vehicle capable of mining these currencies while its battery was charging. This car is expected to go on sale within two years.

This brand accepts payment with this electronic money to buy its vehicles, so this company is deeply involved in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Although today’s high-end cars have the latest technology to reach high speeds and also for other functions such as braking or turning, this could be a before and after in the manufacture of electric vehicles.

The software of these cars is also very powerful and could be used for cryptocurrency mining, which could be a new trend in the future of the electric car industry.

A multipurpose software

It is a reality that technology makes any device smarter. Therefore, the computer systems implanted in cars could be used to perform more functions in addition to the classic ones that we already know that can be done in a conventional vehicle.

However, the problem with these technologically advanced vehicles is that like any computer system they can be vulnerable to cyber attacks . It is not the first time that scams have occurred in operations with cryptocurrencies because of networks of scammers who are dedicated to these very dark businesses.

Another drawback that occurs is that these mining operations are highly polluted , which is why this is not in the line of electric vehicles that one of their main functions is to pollute the environment less.

Therefore, this novelty is a great way to take advantage of the latest generation technology that electric vehicles have, but the pollution factor must also be taken into account.