Edit your images on Samsung Galaxy phones with this app

Samsung has launched a new mobile application called Enhance-X, which features Artificial Intelligence to enhance and edit images with just one click. This app is now available on selected Samsung mobile devices, with plans to expand availability in the near future.

Enhance-X is designed to help users quickly and easily edit images on their smartphones. In this post, we will discuss the features of Enhance-X and the Samsung phone models on which it is currently available. Even if your phone is not on the current list, rest assured that Samsung has plans to make Enhance-X accessible to many more devices.

samsung onlick edit photo

What is and how does this new application work?

Samsung has recently launched its latest photo-editing app, the Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X, which incorporates advanced AI algorithms to automatically detect features such as faces and objects and adjust their brightness, saturation, contrast, and sharpness to enhance the overall quality of your images.

This powerful technology also allows you to remove noise, blur, and other distortions to create clearer and more detailed photos. The app is initially available for Galaxy S23 series models, offering users a seamless and easy way to enhance and repair their photos with just a single click, regardless of the photo’s origin.


Owners of Samsung Galaxy S23 mobile phones can now enhance their photos like never before. With the Enhance-X app, users can easily edit their photos to achieve professional and stunning results. With just one click, you can modify color, HDR, brightness, and sharpness, among other features. Additionally, the app allows you to blur backgrounds, modify facial features, remove shadows and reflections, correct distortions, and more.

Using the Enhance-X app is simple: either customize your images according to your requirements, or simply press the magic button, and the app will analyze your photo and make the necessary modifications for you.

How to download it now on my mobile?

Currently, the Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X app is only available for use on the Samsung Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra mobile devices. However, it is expected to be compatible with the Galaxy S22 series in the near future, with further expansion to additional Samsung models anticipated in the future. The app has a file size of approximately 85 MB and is currently on its initial version, 1.0.55. Although it was released late last year for some Galaxy S22 models, it was not available to all users, so many have yet to try its capabilities.

Enhance-X is a game-changing photo editing application that aims to simplify the process of achieving stunning photos in less time. Currently, it is only available for Samsung Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra models, and can be downloaded from the Galaxy Store. For those who do not have a compatible device, Samsung plans to extend the app’s availability to more models in the near future. Keep an eye out for updates on when Enhance-X will be available on your Samsung Galaxy.