Edit 4K Video: Recommended Monitor and Software

Editing video may seem like a complicated task to many users, reserved mostly for professionals. Especially when we talk about high-quality video and large resolutions, such as 4K. However, today there are a large number of tools that allow anyone to edit their own videos at full resolution, even without prior editing knowledge. Of course, to be able to do this we will need, on the one hand, to have adequate hardware for this task (such as a 4K monitor and a graphics that supports that resolution) and, on the other hand, to use software that allows us to edit without problems, such as the case of Filmora.

What is 4K?

Before entering the matter, we are going to analyze what this concept is. 4K is a new high-quality image size . A frame in 4K quality is the same size as 4 frames in 1080p arranged as a 2 × 2. Or what is the same, 9 images at 720p placed in 3 × 3 series.

Edit 4K Video: Recommended Monitor and Software

4K, also known as UHD, or Ultra-HD, has a resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels. This resolution is also known as 2160p. In cinemas, 4K has a different format (17: 9), so the resolution is a little wider (4096 pixels) while maintaining the same image height.

Resolución 4K

Advantages of 4K

Without a doubt, the main advantage of 4K is being able to offer us more detail and higher image quality and effects . In addition, thanks to this resolution we will be able to use larger screens (50 inches, and even more) without noticing any loss of quality. 1080 content on such a large TV would make everything blurry and “blown up.”

The H.265 codec, also known as HEVC, used in this type of content is capable of doubling the compression ratio compared to H.264. In addition, thanks to technologies such as HDR it is possible to achieve much more realistic and luminous colors that will allow us to take advantage of the quality of these panels much more.


Although it is true that this format brings important advantages, we must also take into account some disadvantages. Especially when it comes to editing and transmitting it over the Internet. 4K takes up much more space than 1080p , so to edit it we will need more space and a more powerful computer. The color depth on 4K monitors and TVs can even go up to 12 bits.

In addition, if we are going to transmit 4K content over the Internet, we must have a faster and more stable connection (at least 25 Mbps) that allows us to take advantage of this resolution. And we will also need a more powerful processor, to reproduce this content in real time, and a 4K monitor that allows us to properly appreciate the image quality.

Finally, it should be noted that a 4K TV or monitor is more expensive than the Full HD models (1920 × 1080 pixels).

Choosing a good 4K monitor

Although until not long ago 4K TVs and monitors were very expensive, being out of reach for many, today it is possible to buy very high quality monitors for very little. What we must take into account when choosing one of these monitors is that they have an LED panel, that their minimum frequency is 60 Hz and that, in addition, they have a 16: 9 aspect to be able to edit video without problems of deformation of image.

A monitor for 4K video editing that we can choose is this Samsung U28E570 . This 28-inch monitor has a response time of 1 ms, an aspect of 16: 9 and is capable of achieving resolutions up to 4K with a refresh rate of 75 Hz and a contrast 1: 1000. It has two HDMI and a DisplayPort.

If you don’t like Samsung, another alternative that we can choose is LG 27UL500-W . This screen is a little smaller than the previous one, but it has an IPS panel that will offer us a 4K UHD resolution with a refresh rate of 60 Hz. Its response time is 5 ms, it has a 1: 1000 contrast ratio and connects through a DP port.

Finally, yet another alternative, for those looking for a 4K gaming monitor with HDR, is the BenQ EL2870U . This 28-inch screen has a 16: 9 ratio and will allow us to make the most of its 4K, both for its 1 ms IPS panel and for the possibility of activating the HDR from Windows for more vivid colors.

Of course, any of these monitors will equally serve us both to play and to work. Without a doubt, a small investment with which we can be up to date.

Filmora9, the best editor to edit 4K video

In addition to the monitor, it is necessary to have a good 4K video editor on your computer, a powerful, easy-to-use and feature-rich editor. And one of the best that we can find with these characteristics is Filmora9.

Editar vídeos Filmora9

This program, developed by Wondershare, is characterized by being especially easy to use. Any user, even if they have never edited video before, can defend themselves with this program without any difficulty. With it we will be able to start editing our 4K video from scratch, or load one of its many effect templates to make a great video in a few minutes. For many youtubers, Filmora9 is undoubtedly the best post-production program when it comes to editing, retouching, enhancing and publishing all kinds of videos on the social network. Especially gaming videos.

Filmora9 Features

This program has two modes of operation. On the one hand, we are going to find the basic mode , for users with little experience. With it we will be able to perform the most basic tasks of the program , such as cutting parts of a video, rotating the image, controlling the speed or adjusting some of the elements of the video, such as the brightness. We will even be able to edit, delete or change the audio channel in case it has been recorded wrong.

Editar vídeos Filmora9

On the other hand, Filmora9 offers us a series of tools worthy of any professional video editor , such as green screen (a chroma that we can modify at will), split screen to show two videos at the same time, PIP mode (a thumbnail of a second video above the first) and even the ability to zoom.

Editar vídeos Filmora9

In addition, Filmora9 includes an effects store, Filmstock , from which we will be able to download all kinds of effects, in 4K, of course, to give our videos more professionalism.

Your computer doesn’t have enough power to edit 4K video in real time? Nothing happens. This video editor can use an intermediate video proxy that will allow us to edit it at a lower resolution without loss of quality. When we start to process and export the video, it will be saved on the PC in its true 4K resolution.

If you want to learn how to get the most out of Filmora 9, you can subscribe to Wondershare Filmora YouTube channel . So you will become an expert.