Did they give you an Echo? 7 Alexa skills you need to know

If you have been given an Amazon Echo smart speaker this Christmas and you want to make the most of it, we will help you. With these 7 Alexa skills that you have to know , you will be surprised at what your speaker can do and you will make it profitable right away. With them you will extend the basic capabilities of Alexa to a level that will seem like you are talking to the Enterprise computer.

And precisely because maybe we have spent a bit at Christmas parties and our pants are tight (I can attest that mine is), we started with something to remedy that and take care of ourselves.

7 Alexa skills you need to know

1. Use personal trainer Alexa

Now that the holidays are over, a good way to offset the excesses is with some exercise . Alexa has several skills that can help you. The most interesting is, without a doubt, the 7-minute training , which you can install from here .

When you say “Alexa, start the 7 minute workout”, your speaker will guide you through this set of exercises that have become famous by being recommended by some scientific studies .

2. Use Alexa to focus or relax

Your Echo speaker can be very useful to help you rest with sounds according to what you want . Various skills make it easy for you.

You have sounds for yoga and also environmental sounds of the beach , the forest and many more.

3. Use Alexa to play


Alexa can be your playmate , whether you’re bored alone or want to liven up a party.

You have everything from a game skill that mimics an Escape Room , to the classic I see, I see .

4. Use Alexa as a home alarm

There are several security skills and, with your Amazon Echo speaker you can control the compatible security domotics that you have installed.

One of the easiest additional ways to increase that security is to turn Alexa into a home deterrent with this skill , so that the speaker sounds the alert when you tell it.

5. Alexa can be your kitchen boy

There are also many Alexa skills that can help you cook. One of the ones we like the most is Cookpad , the website with countless recipes , which will always have an easy idea that you can do.

And if you have a party at home and you want to look like a king, this other skill helps you with various drinks and cocktails.

6. Learn English with your Amazon Echo

Alexa puede darte recetas de Navidad

If you have made up your mind, this time, to learn English once and for all, Alexa can also give you a cable. With this English with Oxford skill , you will be able to listen to some audios and then Alexa will ask you to see how much you have understood.

It has 3 levels and 4 free episodes per level . Then you have to pay a monthly subscription, but, to begin with, it is very good.

And if you want to teach her, you have Cleo’s skill .

7. Alexa can search your mobile

Whether due to incipient dementia such as my case, due to neglect (also my case) or because you are already sick of being interrupted (again my situation), if you are one of those who leave your mobile anywhere, Alexa can help you find him.

With this skill you just have to tell him to find your mobile, he will call you and make it ring . Which seems silly, but it will save you a few times when you’re in a hurry.

And, of course, in addition to these 7 skills , you already know that Alexa can do many things without installing anything , from putting you on music, to looking for the answer to something online. Be that as it may, if you follow these recommendations, you can get the most out of it and make the most of everything it can do.