DuckDuckGo vs Google: the best search engine you can use?

We usually use Google on our devices either because it is the default one or because it is the most popular and known to all. But it is not the only tool capable of finding results on the Internet and putting them within our reach.

There are many search engines alternative to Google , powerful and with many advantages and one of them is DuckDuckGo, which has thousands of searches and has become one of them more important in recent times.

Today we compare DuckDuckGo vs Google, what are their differences, how is this search engine and what are its advantages over the search engine of Mountain View. If you want to know what it is or why it is a good idea to use it, we will explain it to you.

What is DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is an alternative search engine to Google than in recent times. It is a service that allows us to search for any keyword and show us the related results, either because we are looking for information or because we want to buy something online or because we need a photo. Like Google, it is a search engine with all kinds of answers.

A service that has been growing to become one of the most popular, with more than one billion monthly searches of all kinds. It stands out for being very basic and uncomplicated when searching but, above all, it stands out for not collecting personal data from users: it is a much more private system that does not store our data or take into account our tastes or history .

DuckDuckGo not only uses its own tracker to always find all the results but also uses the main search engines on the Internet. It combines its own search engine, DuckDuckBot, with the results of other services such as Wikipedia or compiling pages and options of Bing, Yahoo or Yandex, among others.



At the design level, DuckDuckGo is probably the search engine closest to Google. There are no disturbing elements and we have a plain background and a search bar along with the search engine logo.

It is easy and comfortable and you just need to adapt to change from one to another, because there are no complications and the user experience is identical to that of the Mountain View engine.

Like Google, you will have on hand all the available tabs and services: web searches, image search, videos, recent news, maps or purchases.

As soon as you do a search, you will see the tabs at the top and you can even apply filters if you want to search in all regions or only in your country or if you want to filter results according to their appearance (last day, last week, last month, the last year or at any time)

As in the case of the usual search engine, we can choose whether we want to see the results of images or videos or news related to our keywords.

Busquedas DuckDuckGo


Another interesting feature of the duck finder is the Bang! a command system that allows us to find things in third-party services such as in the reddit forums or on Wikipedia or on Amazon directly.

These are commands that are used by putting an exclamation point and an exact code at the beginning. So you can use DuckDuckGo to search directly on some pages and adjust the results more.

For example, you can use! Twitter to search directly on the social network or you can use! A to find a product on Amazon and not be distracted by results that are far from what you want.



But the most important thing about DuckDuckGo is not its design but its privacy. We care about what data the applications that we install on the smartphone or the companies we use over the Internet will have but we usually search on Google continuously, showing our tastes and almost our life.

Although we use the private mode, most search engines store our tastes or information to always show us adjusted results and according to what we need at all times.

DuckDuckGo stores the searches that are done but globally. That is, you know that someone has searched for someone but does not have identifiers that associate those words to a specific user. Simply use data storage to improve results or adapt in case of errors in words.

In the case of DuckDuckGo, he won’t know anything about you. It is focused on user privacy and whatever you are looking for, it will not be saved. The searches we do on this engine are not stored on the servers and will not show us suggestions or customizations based on what you know we like or what our activity on the Internet has been.

That is, if two people look for the same in DuckDuckGo, the results will be identical regardless of where each user is or the recent searches made by them.

How does DuckDuckGo make money?

If you do not store our data and protect our privacy, it is logical that we ask ourselves where the search engine revenue comes from. It’s easy: through advertising. In the case of this search engine, advertising will appear when you do a search. Unlike others, the ads will be displayed based exclusively on the words you have searched and not on your history or your tastes.

DuckDuckGo vs Google

At the design and interface level, you will hardly have differences. If you want to try it, it will not be an effort to change from one to another and always find what you want. DuckDuckGo offers practically the same as Google and not only allows you to search results on pages but also we can directly access images, videos, purchases or news. Although Google has a much larger network of services and more integration and more possibilities.


The main differences are found in privacy or data storage. If you don’t mind that Google knows what your tastes or your routine are, you may prefer to store your information so that you always get it right with what it shows you when you search for a word.

If you prefer to maintain privacy, DuckDuckGo does not have the ability to customize the results it shows and everyone will receive the same responses when the same search is done.

Another of the main differences between DuckDuckGo VS Google is that the first one does not store the IP address of the users who use it. There is no trace of your information without having to use a VPN to hide it.