DualSense, the PS5 Controller: Images and Features

Were you complaining that Sony wasn’t sharing anything related to PS5? Well get ready because we have the first images of the new DualSense, in direct heir of what until now we knew as DualShock 5. Impacted by its appearance? Don’t worry, we are going to tell you what the news is.

Immaculate command

The first thing that strikes us is that we are facing a command whose predominant color is white. Does this mean that PS5 will be white ? Let’s not rush. The manufacturer tells us that it is a controller to capture more sensations with which to interact in the virtual worlds of PS5. Sounds good, of course.

Mando de PS5 oficial

As you can see, the control has curved lines that make it quite comfortable at first sight, since the handles (or horns) are not as marked as before, integrating much more into the general body of the peripheral. This is probably due to the fact that in this way there will be more contact between the palm of the hand and the control, thus allowing the haptic sensation to be transferred more intensely than before. And it is that we remember, the new vibration motors will offer more real and precise sensations, something that obviously would refer to that of capturing sensations.

Mando de PS5 oficial

Another novelty is the adaptive triggers found in L2 and R2, which will allow you to be more precise when shooting or pulling a bow (has anyone said The Last of Us Part 2 ?), For example. Both the crosshead, the sticks and the buttons remain where they always are, the novelty being the PlayStation logo, which is now in the form of an embossed button and is likely to be used to turn on the controller.

How is it similar to DualShock 4?

Dualsense vs Dualshock 4

Although the aesthetic changes are quite evident, there are many details that let us see that we are facing an evolution of the PS4 controller. And it is that internally it hides many similarities with its predecessor, such as the integrated touchpad, the speaker or the design of symmetrical sticks from which Sony seems not to be willing to part.

A first look at DualSense, PS5’s new wireless controller.

More details and images: https://t.co/SuaUVDkyvD pic.twitter.com/ot5R1u5hsz

– PlayStation (@PlayStation) April 7, 2020

The status light is still present, although this time it has more weight thanks to being located on both sides of the touchpad. This light, combined with the two-tone black and white design give the gamepad a rather futuristic look.

A remote with microphone

Although there is one detail that has caught quite the attention, it is that the DualSense incorporates a microphone with which you can chat with your friends while you play. It is a feature that, taking into account the times we live in, will give a lot to talk about when it comes to privacy, so it will be necessary to see to what extent Sony wants to make use of this feature in the future. At the moment the only example they give is that of chat during the game, so it is unknown if it will serve for something else (we imagine that to interact in some other game). Kojima is already rubbing his hands.

Of course, there is no trace of the headphone port that we have seen so far in previous generations, so we do not know if Sony will switch to the default Bluetooth headset or allow some kind of last minute connection through the USB-C port.

Don’t share, believe

Another novelty that is most striking is the new name given to the share button, since it is now called Create. In this way the intentions seem quite clear, since with the incorporation of the Share button they encouraged users to share screenshots and small video clips, so it seems that now the concept could cover much more.

Source> PlayStation