Download LibreOffice 7.4, the most compatible free suite with Office

Despite the widespread use of the office suite offered by Microsoft, not everyone is willing to pay for it. We have at our fingertips a powerful free open source alternative with which we will have practically no compatibility problem with Office. We refer to the popular LibreOffice that has just been updated with interesting improvements and new features.

Download LibreOffice 7.4

Here we find an office suite made up of various programs whose main purpose is to cover the needs of any office job. In this way we find a text editor, a spreadsheet application, another for databases, to create multimedia presentations and much more. We tell you all this because we already have at our disposal the new final version of LibreOffice 7.4 . One of the main features that we are going to find here is that it is the most compatible suite with Microsoft Office that has been launched.

We are talking specifically about the set of open source and cross-platform programs developed by The Document Foundation . They are the most interesting alternative to the proposal of the software giant that we are going to find. That is precisely why its creators try to smooth the migration from the paid proposal to the free one as much as possible. For all this, little by little, compatibility with native Office files and all its programs is being improved. Like the previous version that was released in February, LibreOffice 7.4 is now focused on improving the experience for those migrating from Microsoft Office .

extensiones libreoffice

How could it be otherwise, the goal is to improve compatibility with Microsoft Office in all aspects. This is extensible both for those who migrate from there, and for those who need to share and use documents with users of it.

Other improvements in LibreOffice 7.4

This is something that has been worked on for many years and versions of LibreOffice. Now we can say that the new version 7.4 is at the highest level of compatibility in the office automation sector. But at the same time improvements and new features continue to be added to the entire suite and to its individual applications. In fact30, below, we are going to describe some of the most important improvements included in the new version of the open source office suite that you can now download .

  • Now the suite adds support for images in WebP and EMZ / WMZ format.
  • Various improvements have been made to the extension manager search and help pages.
  • Now the suite works more smoothly thanks to various performance improvements have been introduced.
  • Writer users can now see footnote changes within the notes area of documents.
  • Edited lists can now display their original numbers when displaying tracked changes.
  • The new version adds new hyphenation options to your text flow preferences.
  • Writer features several typographic improvements and eliminates unexpected character shifts during typing.
  • Implements new optional settings for hyphenation.
  • In Calc we can now include up to 16,384 columns in spreadsheets.
  • There are new additional functions automatic sum or search by name.
  • Impress gets support for document themes.