How to Download, Install and Remove a Chrome Theme

At the moment there are many web browsers that we can use to move around the Internet, but there is one that stands out above the rest. At least when it comes to its worldwide market penetration, that is none other than Google Chrome .

And it is that the software of the giant of the searches has been growing little by little until becoming the undisputed leader of the sector. In addition, the thing has even more merit if we take into account the enormous use that we currently make of these specific programs. Whether from our desktops, or from mobile devices, browsers are the most used programs at the moment.

Chrome Themes
Chrome Themes

It is true that it has evolved a lot in terms of its functionality and security, but the connections we have today have also had a lot to do. But not only is that, but to all that we can do on the Internet and from these browsers, we must add the additions that we can use. On many occasions in the past we have talked about extensions that increase its functionality, but we cannot forget the issues that improve its appearance.

Normally, when we talk about these programs, Internet browsers, we usually focus on sections such as their fluidity of operation, or the security they present to us. However, everything related to the interface and appearance must also be taken into account. For this we can take advantage of several functions that will help us in all this, features that are already included in the software. But of course, as with the extensions we use so much, we can also use other elements.

Where to get themes to install in Chrome

Precisely in these lines we want to focus on these elements in particular, we refer to the issues. As many of you may already know, these will allow us to give a somewhat more personal aspect to Google software. To do this, as we mentioned, we can choose to use one of these issues, which by the way we have a good amount of them to choose from. In addition, these will allow us to have a more pleasant working environment, which improves the user experience.

Google Chrome Themes
Google Chrome Themes

Therefore, in these lines we will give you all the guidelines to work with these Chrome components. Thus, the first thing we should know is where we can download these themes, specifically how to consult them for later installation. Well, we have two ways to accomplish this. First of all, we can access the official Google Chrome store through its official URL. We can access it from this link , or we can do the same from the menu options of the program itself.

If we opt for this second proposal, the first thing we will do is place ourselves in the browser menu through the button in the upper right corner. Once in it, we select the option called "Configuration", so on the left side of the interface that appears, click on "Aspect". Then, in the first place we will see in the first place that a section called “Themes” appears that places us on the same page mentioned above.

Once in the official store of the program, it is time to choose one that suits our needs or tastes. As we have mentioned before, we have a good number of elements of this type to choose from.

Select and install the theme you like best in the browser

On the cover of the page where we are, we will see a series of samples, so we recommend scrolling on the same page to see all the exhibits here. In the same way we have a search engine in case we want to locate any subject of something concrete, for example, Star Trek. We only have to enter these terms in the corresponding search box in the upper left corner, so that the results are displayed after clicking on the “Topics” section, since by default the related extensions are shown.

Once they appear on the screen, we will only have to choose the one we like the most and, as is easy to imagine, click on the “Add to Chrome” button that is located to the right of each of the exposed entries. Once the installation is confirmed as such, they will be installed instantly and will already be part of the software. In fact, the change in the interface will occur immediately, so to see the changes we will not even have to restart the Google program.

Remove or change the theme installed in Chrome

But of course, it may be the case that we want to eliminate that theme, or simply change it to another, something that is equally extremely simple. We will not have to go back to the store of topics that we have mentioned before, and follow the steps mentioned above. And it is that once we choose any other subject of it, it will automatically replace the existing one.

At the same time, in the event that what we want is to return to the theme that initially came in the browser itself, we return to the menu option "Settings / Aspect", and in the same section of "Themes", we will see a button that reads "Reset Default." As we can see, this is a process that is very fast to carry out, something that Google has long tried to facilitate.

At the same time, we must bear in mind that although these issues may in some cases radically change the aspect of the program, they hardly influence its operation. This means that despite the large amount of RAM that Chrome consumes from the system, this will not adversely affect. Therefore, in the case that we want to have a slightly more personalized and pleasant Internet browser, these elements will be of great help